Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deli Moroccan - good food and cheap!

Bussorah Street is walking distance from our place that's why it's never difficult to try out something new in this area. 

Morocco, a country located in North Africa has a huge mix of influences from Middle Eastern, Meditterenean and Arab countries based on its history.  This is reflected on how varied the Moroccan cuisine is today.

HT couple strided together to fulfill the travelling around the world through our tummies dream to this al fresco eatery in front of a mosque.  It was not difficult to find as the street was not busy and most of the neighboring shophouses were already closed (so they kinda stood out).

You could choose to stay inside or outside...but i don't think inside was an option in this nice weather, the nice look out of the mosque and the nice food.

Tagin Beef (5/5) - stew-based dish with prunes, beans and potato fries.  The numerous big pieces of beef were succulent!  It's soft and tender and melted in our mouth.  The sauce was not watery and very, very tasteful.  It went well with our pita bread.  The sweet prunes as well as the potatoes were soften but not mushy from cooking. 

*Tagin is a dish named after a special pot used for cooking the dish.  It consists of two parts; a base unit which is flat and circular with low sides, and a large cone or dome-shaped cover that rests inside the base during cooking. The cover is so designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom. (they don't serve it with the cover though)

Mixed Kebab (4.5/5) - we didn't miss their kebabs, of course.  This dish was pretty cheap and I was intrigued if they have sacrificed the portion or the taste, but no, they absolutely did not.  You can see how many pieces i got for a little over $5 sgd!!!  On the side was a good portion of hummus salad.  First bite, of those burger patty look alike, "oomph", it was delicious!  It was seasoned well and it was not dry nor oily.  The chicken pieces were well-spiced too, but i prefer the red meat so i guess i'll get myself  just beef kebab next time. 

Pita bread (2/5) - to complete our dietary allowance of carbs, we ordered pita bread to go along with our dish.  There's nothing special in this bread, it's flat, no yeast and a little bit of sweet. 

Hamus (hummus) salad (3/5) - hubby ordered this as his side, but he was expecting something else.  This abundant portion of salad was ok, lots of lycopene and just tasted fresh, nothing fancy.

Moroccan Mint Tea (4/5) - our favorite for the night!  I always take moroccan mint tea but from those teabag in a box so i can't wait to taste their version (it might be the real thing).  It was served in a nice teapot (we felt like moroccan prince and princess for a minute) and with 2 shotglasses (same as Turkish Cuisine) with fresh mint leaves!  It was slightly sweet and had a unique, fresh tea taste.  It was a pleasant drink to share with.

Moroccan Apple Juice (4/5) - something cold...yogurt, cinnamon spices and apple!  It's like apple pie in liquid form.  Yum yum!

Service was ok, not all waiters speak fluent English but they understand the menu, the food...
The owners were very friendly.  :)

Price Summary (SGD)
Tagin beef  = $12
Mixed kebab = $6.50
Hamus salad = $3
Moroccan Mint Tea = $3
Moroccan Apple Juice = $3
*NO gst /NO svc charge

Deli Moroccan
30 Bussorah Street
*behind the famous Sultan Mosque
Opening hours : 1030 am - 11 pm

*Tagin meaning is taken from Wiki


  1. hey there! oo we tried many of the same items! I simply love this place too and that apple-pie-in-a-cup is amazinggg. glad you liked it too! :D

  2. Hey Dot.! So far so good with all the dishes we ordered...and yes, i do appreciate of having apple-pie-in-a-cup. :) Thanks for checking out my blog...i'm adding yours in my daily dose if you don't mind :) Happy eating!

  3. I heard so much good things about this place. The Tagin Beef looks tantalizing! Thanks for the review. Will make a trip down soon :)

  4. Hi Bella! I love your name :) Indeed, the Tagin beef is really wonderful! They do have Tagin lamb but only Fri, Sat and case you want a bit exotic meat :) Enjoy eating! Thanks for dropping by! Adding your blog in my daily dose, hope you don't mind...

  5. Of course I do not mind! You have a lovely blog here. :) I will be popping by often to read your blog too.

  6. wow, looks good, will try this place out soon!!!!

  7. Hi Gourmandtales, thanks for dropping by! Try to be there around 6-7 pm, before it becomes dark...then you would have a nice ambiance with your yummy food! Enjoy eating.