Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ

 Back in the Singapore scene, hubby and I don't like eating fats except those that are served in this place.  We made sure we have a balanced diet, veggies, meat, carbs and of course, fats...

Lazy, hungry couple, we settled down with Botan set (good for 2) and a bottle of plum wine.

We got these:

Kimchee and Spicy Pickled Cucumber (5/5) - I am a kimchee lover but the cucumber was my choice here.  I love the combination of spicy, tangy and sweet flavor of this pickled dish.

Choice of Salad (5/5) - our choice for the night was Horenso(Spinach) Salad. The creamy sesame dressing was full of flavor and the greens were fresh topped with mushrooms and bacon bits. Hubby and I were both nodding while chomping on our salad.

Assorted Sausages and Bacon (4/5) -  The thick bacon cubes were lip smacking!  Who cares about fats?

Bibimbap (5/5) -  cooked in a claypot and served hot, the rice was seasoned well and can be eaten alone.  I love the crunchy bits that got burnt from the claypot and gave the Asian feel of appreciation for rice.

Ebi foil wrap (4/5) - soaked in lemon sauce and lots of garlic, we have to cook this first to avoid spoilage and food poisoning. It was good but i think the portion was too small.  The Ebi were tiny.

Assorted meat plate (4/5) - enough portion of everything, lamb chops which were marinated with lots of garlic and mint, Wagyu tongue, Wagyu Rump Cap and the Wagyu Nakaochi were cut nicely so the fats around the meat were evenly spread.  Every bite was so tasteful.  Buta Karubi (pork belly) is always lovely for us, meatlovers.  We were given a lemon dip to remove the strong taste of tongue in case we're not used to it.   Note: they give you an option to give you more pieces of the other Wagyu items in case you're not a tongue fan.

Matcha Ice cream (5/5) - my green tea ice cream was a delight.  It's not too sweet and I can still taste the green tea goodness with my eyes close.

Yuzu Sorbet (4/5) -  orange peels in hubby's ice, the natural flavor of oranges were kept.  I hope they sell pints of this.

 Our meal won't be complete without aa bucket of ice and our favorite Ume (you can buy this in Cold Storage or Liang Court grocery for half the price) *but you can't BYO (bring your own)

 The service was excellent!  They kept on changing the grilled plate so your meat don't get charred easily.

 Price ( in SGD)
Botan Set ~ 168 (good for 2)
Ume ~50 per bottle
with GST and Service Charge

Gyu Kaku BBQ Restaurant
Chijmes, #01-01/03
Opening Hours: 12 nn to 3 pm
                         530 pm to 1130 pm

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