Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eighteen Chefs

I'm very familiar of this shop for years now thru food blogs but only got the chance to visit lately.  This time, I'm not with my HT partner but with hungry officemates.

I felt like a student as I enter the place, aside from being surrounded by students (most of their customers are), the ambiance kind of remind me dining out with my classmates after a brain cracking math exam.  It's bright, colorful and playful that brings out the kid in me.  Look how the place created the aura of my hungry friends? Check out their smiles...(I blurred parts of their face, they're all media shy and taken, sorry ladies)

The menu served as the table mat so you can't be bothered of waiting for your turn to check out what they offer.  It's as easy as 1 - choose pasta or rice, 2 - choose your sauce, 3 - choose your main ingredient 4 - top up!  We end up with...

Baked Rice with Salmon in Spicy Tomato (4/5) - I kinda butchered my meal so the salmon pieces would float in my pictures.  The sauce was spicy enough and broke that heaviness of the cheese.  The salmon pieces were few and I don't think it'sa good idea to combine this fish with strong sauces as it removed the special taste of salmon.  Overall, it's a decent meal for lunch.

Pasta with Salmon in Black Pepper Sauce -  I didn't really taste this but the picture was taken when it's already half-eaten by R ( he's one of those with a picture perfect smile).  He was so busy eating his meal and it took a while before he heard my call for picture-taking.  You can judge the rating with my story.

Seafood Marinara (3.75/5) - Nicely presented and lots of seafood items.  Squids, prawns, mussels, are all over the plate.  Foodie Ivs said it was a bit bland. 

Top up with soup & drink (iced lemon tea is too light)...we got complete meals and good value for Creng's pocket.  (she treated us)

Price Summary (SGD)
Seafood Marinara 12.90
Salmon (pasta or baked rice) 10.90
Top up soup and drink 3.20
No SVC Charge

Eastpoint Mall (Simei MRT)
Beside POSB (shop is outside the mall)
Daily : 12 pm - 10 pm
*reservation is recommended (during lunch time)


  1. No frills but satisfying enough for lunch, i kinda like this place too :)

  2. lunch time is always busy in 18 chefs...1st time we went there, we didn't make any reservations and they can't accommodate us. This time round, we were smarter. The meal was very filling, I didn't take dinner. LOL :)