Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time-Out Canberra: passion for cooking

I'm the type who would rather spend time catching a few hours of sleep, or watching TV than spend time in the kitchen.  With so many choices and varieties of food courts, restaurants and everything-in-the-grocery...why bother?  Until...our visit to our friends in Canberra (keeping their names as H&W) made me realize how fun it was to spend time in the kitchen and how special homemade are.

H&W (aren't they sweet? )

i forgot how it's called but i'll call it H's Moroccan Spices Dip - it taste a bit different at first but I kept eating it after a few bites of my bread.

H's Homemade Basil Pesto (5/5) - it's divine.  Basil were taken from their neighbor's garden, of course, with permission.  It was very flavorful and I have to eat slowly to savor each herbs that were mixed together to form this lovely dip.  I've decided to make one soon and would skip the pesto lane in the grocery (wish me luck).

H's Homemade Omelette (5/5) -  it was nicely cooked, not burnt and it looked like a perfect egg pizza!  The tomatoes and mushrooms were fresh, tasty and goes very well with the omelette.  Hubby and I skipped salt and pepper so to enjoy its awesome freshness in taste.  Though the bread were not homemade, it's worth mentioning.  I was so busy eating, I forgot to ask where H got the bread.

W's Barbie fare (5/5) -  i think the secret to their love is through each other's stomach.  This time it's W's turn to cook.  He switched on the modern barbie and start grilling with a grin on his face.  Sausages, spiced chicken kebabs, ribs and steaks...i started mouth watering until the plate was placed on the table.  Hubby and I always wanted to share, but we did this only for the first piece.  It was so delicious that I have to ignore hubby as I didn't want to share my plate anymore.  What i love most was the steak.  It was cooked perfectly just the way I like it (the meat was very tender).

I always salute people who have passion for cooking.  One day, i'll find a way to bring out that same passion in me.

Thanks again H&M for making our trip in Canberra a memorable one and of course for filling our tummies with good food!

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