Monday, April 19, 2010

The Prime Society: where our appetites belong

We have so many reasons to celebrate and the best way to be merry is to dine in one of our favorite restaurants.  The Prime Society has been the haven for happiness and joy for the HT couple.

We've been here several times and they never fail to give us the same spot when it's just the two of us (just a coincidence, no special treatment).  We are always sitted in the corner, where you can have a peek of chef at work in between the wall and the cabinet of this high ceiling restaurant.

For the World Gourmet Summit, hubby tried Prime Society's Gunpowder Wagyu Beef (I ordered something else, so if one of us collapse, at least one can still bring the other to the hospital...kidding aside)  We read about this specialty , Gun powder has been used for curing & seasoning meat for ages.  No need to doubt of it's edibility and they skip the sulphur so no worries of sudden BOOM!.  The gun powder that PS uses is from a formula that their Chef Damos made (what a passion!) and from the taste of the meat, he succeeded!

Gunpowder Wagyu Beef (5/5) -  180 grams of Grade 9 Wagyu beef, cured and seasoned in their own gunpowder.  The meat was thinly cut and cooked medium (standard for this dish).  At first, it was a bit scary of how dark the outside of the meat looks (i was imagining mafia from the steak).  The meat were lain on a bed of everything truffle...truffle mushroom sheet, truffle oil and truffle salt.

Look at how the Wagyu was nicely cut into pieces! (up close and personal).  The meat was very tender (the most tender i've had) and tasty.  This is not your ordinary kind of steak as it's succulent and has a twist of salty and sweetness of the gunpowder marinade (for 24 hours).  Thumbs up! (the best steak I ever had)

Tenderloin (5/5) - I ordered 200-grams 30-month old (before it's served on my plate) Tenderloin that's grass fed (my usual order).  Prime Society explains in their menu the advantage of grain fed with grass fed.  Grain fed, is expensive and labor extensive (cows are being taken care of like pets) and  is advisable for those who appreciates beef fats, due to it's higher percentage of meat marbling compared to grass fed.   I always choose grass fed because of its lower fat content.  I chose their fries (it's fried-fully taste) as my side dish.  My steak can never go wrong with Blue Cheese Avocado Dip...yummy.

Tenderloin (5/5) - Medium-rare, tender and a very good piece of meat.  The meat was very juicy and rich in taste.  The grade of meat, it's taste, how it's cook, everything has been consistent all the time.

Truffle Mushroom Soup (4/5) - I forgot the soup due to my steak-blogging excitement.  It's rich & thick with mushroom chunks that were chewy and delicious.  The strong smell and taste of the truffle gave the soup it's wonderful aroma.

Amaretto Affogato (5/5) - what makes a vanilla ice cream at it's best?  A shot of espresso and a shot of amaretto.  Love that almond-y smell and taste in the Amaretto and that strong, tasteful bitterness of the espresso.  Mix it well with the ice's heaven!

It was a lovely night of eating, drinking and reminiscing with hubby.

Price Summary (SGD)
Tenderloin $48
Gunpowder Wagyu Beef $68 (valid till April 24)
Soup of the day $9
Amaretto Affogato $15
*wine selection is quite extensive

The Prime Society
10 Dempsey Road
Lunch: 11.00am to 3.00pm (Weekends: 10.00am to 3.00pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Daily)


  1. Wow 5/5 all the way! Have you tried Morton's? I haven't either but just wondering how both would match up, on steaks especially...

  2. Hey Harris, I always love The Prime Society hahaha and have been very loyal if i have the reason to spend a lot :) I'll try Morton's one of these days as there's a lot of rave about their steak.

  3. Hi ^-^, I bet you would...same here...everytime i look at the steak, it makes me really really hungry, even for breakfast...