Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brussels Sprouts: eat like Belgians!

The best way to travel around the world without air tickets, excess baggage, accommodation is to explore the world of food.  Singapore is one of the countries to showcase around-the-world cuisine that's why hubby and I love it here. 
I've posted this in a personal blog and carrying it over here.  This is another place where i can take beers.  I'm in love with Belgian beers (too bad, it's so expensive here in Singapore).  This place has more extensive Belgian beer list compared to Peperoni/L'estraminet.  I ordered Kriek, as usual, but i chose Mort Subite as it's the cheapest (i just have to scrimp on this, as I know how cheap it is in Belgium) in the menu. 
Mort Subite Kriek (3/5) - The beer was too light for my taste.  (Boon Kriek is much better)

Meatballs braised in Dark Beer Sauce, Onion and Mustard served with Pommes Croquettes (3/5) -The beer sauce gave a nice flavor to the meatballs.  However, the meatballs were a bit dry, I'm not sure if it's the effect of being braised in beer.  It's quite heavy, chunky and lots of minced meat were used which filled up our tummies easily.  The potato croquettes were bland so we rolled them back and forth on the sauce.

Anyways, we go to this place not for it's meatballs but for the mussels!

Gratinee (4/5) - our choice among their list of gratinated moules, as this dish was baked with Gruyere cheese (sounds what hubby and I would like), butter, parmesan and nutmeg.  The mussels were very flavorful with all the ingredients baked on top of it.  My only complain that night was the mussels were small compared to our past visits (but might be seasonal too), adding a few more pieces to offset the size would be a good idea.

 Meridionale (5/5) - Saffron was the key word to made us order this.  The mussels were simmered in a pot of tomato-based mixed with parsley, herbs, garlic and the aromatic saffron.  The said mollusks were pretty big and nicely cooked.  Hubby and I have been slurping the soup all night as it was so delicious!

All moules are served with unlimited fries (fat ones).  It's a good place for light, satisfying dinner.  Do try their A la Kriek Mussels - yummy too.

Price Summary (SGD)
Mussels and Fries Starter size: $18.5
                              Main   size: $38.5
Meatballs : 24
Mort Subite Kriek : 12
w/GST and SCharge

Brussels Sprouts
80 Mohammed Sultan Road
The Pier @ Robertson Quay
(beside Laurent Bernard)
Mon-Thurs: 5 pm - midnight
Fri-Sat : noon - 1 am
Sun: noon - midnight

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