Monday, December 3, 2012

HT Couple goes to USA! (NYC)

HT couple went local and took the greyhound bus from Boston to the big apple.  Our bus schedule was at 10 am but HT hubbie being the "way-too-early" travel person, we were at the station around 8 am.  There was the same express bus to NY at 830 am and we tried our chance and got in!  (even if the ticket inspector tried to ask for 15 dollars per person as under the table fee - which we didn't give him - so beware guys!).

And here we are in NYC!

the busy Times Square
Saks 5th Avenue (too bad their Christmas windows are still in progress)
HT hubbie portraying CSI: NY - getting hotdogs
My pulled pork sandwich with Jack Daniel sauce (nope, not a slider portion)

HT hubbie shopping M&M's.
The super busy dimsum place in Chinatown.  We did take away and ate on the street as the waiting time was too long for our rumbling stomach.  Check out the queue and the NYPD! :D
The new york cheesecake of Little Red Hen!  Thumbs up to its smoothness and yummy-ness!
Boat tour to see the famous Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
picturesques of NY
Went Mexican one night...check out the dish on the right:  Mole Poblano!  Mole sauce is made up of so many ingredients primarily different types of pepper and one of the ingredients is chocolate!  The first bite was a bit weird but after a few minutes, we went gaga over it.
Grand Central Terminal 
while strolling at the Financial District area, we saw this!  (Me, as a proud citizen of the Philippines :D)
 We spent several hours walking around the ponds in Central Park...lovely in the november sun.
and saw this :D
and an owl
 lovely, isn't it?
check out the red tree at the back

beautiful and serene
We had our favorite meal: Ramen and pork cheeks!
Visited Rockefeller Center
we just can't leave NY without having Shake Shack burgers. 
Those fire exits are just so NY!
Bye NY!  (Off our way back to MA)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

HT Couple goes to USA: Boston, MA

HT wife is always nervous when going to the US.  Holding a valid visum in her old passport, and the immigration being strict, there can be a reason that HT wife can be sent home without knowing the reason.

And finally, HT wife got in.  Wuhoo!  Time for the American trip!

4 years ago, HT wife was at the same state.  But nothing compares to this trip as HT hubbie tagged along!

as soon as we landed, we immediately went to Newbury street to do some shopping (kijken kijken maar niet kopen - window shopping).  We love this street as it has this European feel.  And yes, pubs are scattered everywhere.

 Boston is still in its autumn colors.  Lovely!

HT couple were both tired from the trip and decided to grab their first meal before hitting the bed.  What could have been a better meal in Boston other than a lobster roll?  It was tasty and full of chunky meat.  Though it's a bit on the greasy side and huge.  It's pretty good deal for 13 usd.

and while we were in a pub, baskebatll game is being shown on TV.  Finally, a game that I can understand!  Filipinos grew up as if basketball is the only sport on earth.  (I confess, i don't understand soccer...therefore, if you ever saw me cheering or giving a pissed off reaction...yes I was just pretending)
We stayed at the Omni Parker House which is smacked in the middle of Boston center and even with HT hubbie's length, he has to jump up to the bed as it's so high.  Take note: most of the hotels we stayed in the US are like this.  Don't be surprised if you woke up with an intimate closeness to the ceiling. (The Embassy Suites @ Boston Logan Airport is also a good hotel to stay when in Boston, the metro is just a few minutes walk and pretty close by to the center)
I remember a friend of mine who lives in the US told me that when it comes to coffee, Americans go to Dunkin Donuts.  To start our day, American style, guess where we got our coffee fix and oily donuts (boston creme - chocolate topping with custard filling)?  Btw, my coffee was too sweet and HT hubbie's coffee had too much milk.  Better order black then add sugar to your liking.
We stayed near to Boston Common and walked around the park. It was a lovely day.
they're everywhere!
We did our own freedom trail expedition.
this building, Old State House, is now an entry to a metro station
Faneuil Hall
Quincy Market has numerous food stalls that made HT couple drool.  HT couple got themselves hot clam chowders.  Thick, creamy and yummy!  The best we had was at Legal Seafood.

This we dedicate to our Irish friend. :D ( you know who you are)

The Marriott's custom house.  I read in rough guide that the viewing deck of this house gives you the best picturesque of Boston.  We sneaked in and acted like we owned the place, as it's only open for their guests and yes!

The view was worth doing something illegal.

We love Boston's charm and serenity. 
And of course: their seafood!
The other love of my life: crab cake. We had this in several places, but Legal Seafood has the best!
Nothing could be better than this baked stuffed lobster (with shrimp and scallops stuffing) - heavenly!
To end up our Boston getaway, We stopped by at Cheers @ Beacon Hill (inspired by the TV show Cheers, or was it the other way around?) for blueberry beer, Samuel Adams Octoberfest (HT Hubbie's favorite) and cocktails.
A real guy carries his teddy no matter where he goes :)

Bye Boston. We'll be back... 'til next time!