Friday, June 28, 2013

Denia, Spain: Relaxing, Lazy holiday

Hello blogworld!  HT couple is back.

Yes!  We've been busy lately and here's what we were up to:

Renting a vacation home for a week or 2 somewhere south of Europe is a thing for most western Europeans.  You can't blame them as i've experienced a super long winter season and at some point you just had enough.  Therefore, i joined this advocacy.

We rented a place in Denia, Spain....heerlijk weer (great weather!).  It's not too hot, dry and just a bit chilly at night.

Our home for 1 week.  It is huge!  (8 of us stayed in this place).  Travel agencies in Europe always have brochures or offering this type of houses for minimum of 1 week rent.
my favorite place in the house...(this is where lunch and dinner were served)
We rented a car so we can go around on some days outside Denia.  (more about it in the succeeding posts!)
It's pretty cheap for 1 week rent (more or less 250 euros) for a stationwagon.  There are numerous car rentals both in Valencia/Alicante airport (which are the cities we flew in).
Spain has always been a haven for me because of its' food!

Pimientos de Padrón - love it!  It's a type of pepper which are small and exudes sweetness.  It's normally eaten as tapas in Spain - can be deep-fried or grilled, sprinkled with salt and voila!

Biri Biri - orange liqeur is the famous drink in this area due to its numerous orange plantation.  It was my drink everyday during the happy hour.

Carne Membrillo (on the small plate) - is a jam-like made from fruits extract and is eaten together with cheese (typically manchego) but it works well even with brie.  Just put a slice of the membrillo on top of the cheese and you're up for a treat.

Longganiza - chorizo - this was a must every dinner.  It was delicious, lip smacking, fatty (i'm pretty cautious about fats, but this one is addictive!)  Lamb liver (beside the sausages) were also easy to find in the supermarket.

Our grand dessert by H.  Sticky date pudding, Pave and chocolate cake with orange sorbet...yum!

My tummy was sooo happy during this vacation (as you can see).  And the best thing is, having friends who love cooking!  Ahhh, i'm just so lucky.
We had the time to go around the center of Denia

Just love the huge markets in Spain.

yes, the ladies went shopping!

in one of those narrow streets are the tapas bars and restaurants.  It was simple and not crowded - it was a great place to chill out.

battered cod

pork liver

baby squid

And of course we have to wash it down with sangria and caña(beer).

 by the harbor...

on our last day, we met this wild cat.  Cute, isn't she?
The only sad thing in this trip is that there's no internet.  Yes, i'm sure you do agree that life is a bit boring nowadays without internet.  Therefore, just a thing to take note of when booking.
Stay tune for more posts about our 1-week Spain vacation!  Up next, Valencia and Alicante, Spain. :)