Friday, April 30, 2010

Leong Kee Bak Kut Teh - really cheap!

I've enjoyed local food ever since I moved to Singapore.  There were times when i had wanton noodles as dinner for 1 week or stuffed myself with hokkien mee or eat as much chicken rice as I can.

Bak Kut Teh is not new to me.  My grandmother would cook it for special occasions or when we're sick (yes, it's not bad being sick at all, if taken care by Gwa Ma ). 

Hubby and I would eat in hawker centres, food courts every night.  If we get tired of the food in those places but have no budget for a restaurant fare, we would march to Leong Kee and secure ourselves a table, getting ready for our local eats.  There's one guy who always serve us, so we don't need to keep on explaining what we wanted to order ( as we are not Mandarin speaking -> but trying to).

These are the typical dishes we order:

Bak Kut Teh (4/5) - love the herb-y taste of this pork rib tea soup.  We would always get lotsa pieces of  tender, meaty pork ribs meat (we opt to skip internal organs).  What's so unique in this bak kut teh is the unclear, dark soup.  Bak kut teh we've seen so far in Singapore are slightly discolored with a very strong peppery taste and simmered in big chunks of garlic which is hubby's preference.  For me, I love this Klang style (Klang is a place in Malaysia) as I prefer a strong chinese herb in my bak kut teh pot(a proof that i do have chinese blood despite of my un-chinky eyes) and i just love those tofu skins swimming on top!

Ter Kah (4/5) - braised pig's trotter simmered in a distinctive soy sauce.  The soy sauce is not too salty that's why HT couple sip it like it's the soup in bak kut teh.  It's very tasty so I happily drown my bowl of rice with this sauce.  The sauce is thicker and spicier than what we had in other shops.  The meat pieces were also very tender and flavorful.  Being loyal customers here, we noticed the inconsistency of the meat you usually get.  Often, we get chunky, full of meat trotters, but there were a few times where we got this less meat, lots of fats (basically, not much for non-fat eaters like us).  Yes, we had a bad luck when i took these pictures.  Nevertheless, it still taste sooo good!

The claypot Uncle serves to the tables is the same pot he used to cook bak kut teh..."Uncle, watch out, you might burn your hand".   Uncle is used to it, he's a Klang bak kut teh superman!

Try you tiao - dive those fried airy bread in your steamy bak kut teh!

Price Summary (SGD)
Bak Kut Teh (pork ribs - single) $5.00
Ter Kah (single) $5.00
Rice 50 cents per bowl
Kai lan veggie (single) $2.00
Iced lemon tea (homemade) 1.20 per glass
NO gst/NO svc charge

321 Beach Road
Kampong Glam
(almost across Concourse)
Opens 11am - 9 pm (closed on Mon)

P.S. This is the cheapest bowl of Bak Kut Teh i've had in SG.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deli Moroccan - good food and cheap!

Bussorah Street is walking distance from our place that's why it's never difficult to try out something new in this area. 

Morocco, a country located in North Africa has a huge mix of influences from Middle Eastern, Meditterenean and Arab countries based on its history.  This is reflected on how varied the Moroccan cuisine is today.

HT couple strided together to fulfill the travelling around the world through our tummies dream to this al fresco eatery in front of a mosque.  It was not difficult to find as the street was not busy and most of the neighboring shophouses were already closed (so they kinda stood out).

You could choose to stay inside or outside...but i don't think inside was an option in this nice weather, the nice look out of the mosque and the nice food.

Tagin Beef (5/5) - stew-based dish with prunes, beans and potato fries.  The numerous big pieces of beef were succulent!  It's soft and tender and melted in our mouth.  The sauce was not watery and very, very tasteful.  It went well with our pita bread.  The sweet prunes as well as the potatoes were soften but not mushy from cooking. 

*Tagin is a dish named after a special pot used for cooking the dish.  It consists of two parts; a base unit which is flat and circular with low sides, and a large cone or dome-shaped cover that rests inside the base during cooking. The cover is so designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom. (they don't serve it with the cover though)

Mixed Kebab (4.5/5) - we didn't miss their kebabs, of course.  This dish was pretty cheap and I was intrigued if they have sacrificed the portion or the taste, but no, they absolutely did not.  You can see how many pieces i got for a little over $5 sgd!!!  On the side was a good portion of hummus salad.  First bite, of those burger patty look alike, "oomph", it was delicious!  It was seasoned well and it was not dry nor oily.  The chicken pieces were well-spiced too, but i prefer the red meat so i guess i'll get myself  just beef kebab next time. 

Pita bread (2/5) - to complete our dietary allowance of carbs, we ordered pita bread to go along with our dish.  There's nothing special in this bread, it's flat, no yeast and a little bit of sweet. 

Hamus (hummus) salad (3/5) - hubby ordered this as his side, but he was expecting something else.  This abundant portion of salad was ok, lots of lycopene and just tasted fresh, nothing fancy.

Moroccan Mint Tea (4/5) - our favorite for the night!  I always take moroccan mint tea but from those teabag in a box so i can't wait to taste their version (it might be the real thing).  It was served in a nice teapot (we felt like moroccan prince and princess for a minute) and with 2 shotglasses (same as Turkish Cuisine) with fresh mint leaves!  It was slightly sweet and had a unique, fresh tea taste.  It was a pleasant drink to share with.

Moroccan Apple Juice (4/5) - something cold...yogurt, cinnamon spices and apple!  It's like apple pie in liquid form.  Yum yum!

Service was ok, not all waiters speak fluent English but they understand the menu, the food...
The owners were very friendly.  :)

Price Summary (SGD)
Tagin beef  = $12
Mixed kebab = $6.50
Hamus salad = $3
Moroccan Mint Tea = $3
Moroccan Apple Juice = $3
*NO gst /NO svc charge

Deli Moroccan
30 Bussorah Street
*behind the famous Sultan Mosque
Opening hours : 1030 am - 11 pm

*Tagin meaning is taken from Wiki

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lenas - pizza, pasta, steak, ice it heaven?

Heaven, figuratively, is a paradise where only good and pleasant things are around you.  And for, steak, pasta and ice cream in one's cloud nine!

This American-Italian place caught our sight when walking around Bugis.  It has basically...everything.  Hubby and I were joking we don't need to argue on what's cooking tonight. (cooking for HT couple's dictionary is where to eat).

 Hubby was game for pizza (again).

Large Pizza (3/5) - ordered 2 flavors, Peperoni and Ham & Mushrooms.  For just 2.50, you can have 2 flavors in your pizza.  It was served in a wooden circular plate and looked very enticing.  It's not too oily and both flavors were good.  The crust was just ok, it's thin and a bit burnt.

I guess, I won this time (HT couple would always play a game "Who ordered better?")
Crabmeat Pomorola (4/5) - crabmeat pasta had been my choice, if available, since i had the same at Marmalade Pantry.  I tend to compare how it taste like.  And this one didn't disappoint me.  The crabmeat was generous and stimulated the pomodoro flavor.  You can order your type of pasta and I opted for linguine with this crustacean-flavored plate.

Homemade Iced Tea (3.5/5) - frothy and not-too-sweet.  This would be a good drink if you're up to a foamy, healthy glass to go with your meal.

Service was good. 

Price Summary (SGD)
Crabmeat Pomorola  = $16
Large Pizza                 = $17
*for only 2.50 you can opt for 2 pizza flavors
Homemade iced tea   = $4
*GST and Service Charge apply

#01-88/89 Bugis Junction
Victoria Street side (across Iluma)
Mon-Thurs: 1130 am - 1030 pm
Fri-Sun: 1030 am - 1130 pm

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tony Roma's - ribs and BBQ chicken

Tony Roma's is the only American restaurant that HT couple frequents in Singapore.  And why? because they still serve the best baby back ribs and their signature Romaritas' are exceptional. 

Want to know more???

Baby Back Ribs (5/5) - half slab loin ribs, even though it has less meat than the normal pork ribs, it's more tender and less fats.  The BBQ sauce, made from their secret spices and recipe, made this ribs mouth-watering.  It's value for money as the serving is pretty big and good for sharing. (i know having corn and fries do not give appeal to the plate...haha but yellow was the color of the night for hungry wife)

Hubby decided to go conservative by having white meat...
South Western Chicken (3.75/5) - chicken breast that's covered with their Monterey cheese and BBQ sauce.  Salsa were given on the side if you want to add more spice to your chicken.  Without the salsa, I find it a bit tasteless but hubby said having this before the ribs would somehow balance my taste buds.  (the ranch style beans was sooooo delicious!)

What i'm raving about...
Cadillac Top-Shelf Romarita (5/5) - they have one of the best margarita's for HT couple.  They don't skimp on Tequila (not sure which brand), Grand Marnier and Cointreau.  First sip, you can already feel the kick going into your throat and to your tummy.  With a little amount of sweetener, the zest of lime and some ice...voila!  the guy at the bar just got thumbs up from us! (on the rocks is better than the frozen)

Price Summary (SGD)
Baby Back Ribs (half slab) - 21.90
South Western Chicken - 21.90
Cadillar Top-Shelf Romarita - 12.90
GST and Scharge apply
*Get connected with TR's at their website and get your 2nd main course at 50% off

Tony Roma's
B1-007 Suntec City Mall
Mon to Thur: 1130 am - 3 pm
                      6 pm - 10 pm
Fri-Sun: 1130 am - 10 pm

Monday, April 26, 2010

F.I.S.H: sole provider

I've been a fan of Fish & Co when they opened a store in Manila.  And i'm a regular when I moved to Singapore.  They opened their sister store F.I.S.H to serve new seafood delicacies and halal-certified menu.

The place looks more posh compared to established Fish & Co.  In addition, is the salad bar, which you can top up from your main course or just salad for an eat-all-you-can healthy feast.

For a healthy lunch...
White Fish with Thyme Pangrattato & Capers Basil Butter Sauce (3.75/5) - the fish was soft and tasty.  The cheese smothered on was the same cheese used in F&Co.  Added herbs gave this dish it's X factor.  The only downside is the size of the fish (not enough even for ladies, if you don't top up with their salad buffet).  But, you can't complain for more, as this delicious dish is only less than 10 dollars.

For some carbo loading...
Baked Seafood Spaghetti (4.25/5) - this was served like a crumpled paper twisted on both ends.  Opening up, i can smell the aroma of the pasta, how hot and fresh it was.  The advantage of baking pasta is it keeps all the herbs and sauce intact thus, making it more delicious. 

And if up for something creamy...
Prawn Fettucine (3/5) - generous amount of prawns and herbs.  It was a bit bland but ok, nothing extravagant about it, just a normal meal.

If you're up to for a seafood twist, this is a place for you.  I would re-visit the salad buffet but I'm ok with the fish catch in Fish&Co.

Price Summary (in SGD)
White Fish 9.90
Baked Seafood Spaghetti 13.90
Prawn Fettucine 13.90
GST and SCharge apply
*for Citibank cardholders, if you order a main course with salad buffet, you can purchase the Baked Seafood Spaghetti for only 10 dollars.

04-11, 05-13
Tampines 1
Opens 1130 am - 10 pm
*check out other branches in their website

P.S. Thanks Richard & Tin for the IPhone shots :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Once Upon A Milkshake

I've read about this place from the food blogs i've been following, the refreshing, clean ambiance and the unique idea of selling primarily milkshakes caught my attention to visit and share high calcium drinks with my friends.

I've been here twice and I love how quiet the shop is on weekends.  It's a place where I would bring a good book,  sip my-milkshake-of-the-day and watch people come and go for take away. 

My favorite...

Agent Strawberry (4.5/5) - yummy, yummy, milkshake.  I'm always a fan of anything strawberry.  I like the enough sweetness and the grinded fresh strawberries of this drink.  What's so special about their milkshake is it's thick consistency but retains it's smoothness. 

Chocolate Truffle Castle (3.75/5) - If you're fond of sweet, strong chocolates, this drink is for you.  It didn't somehow worked for me as I was more of expecting dark chocolate-y taste (70% cacao).  I got a regular size and it's a-bit-too-sweet.  Nevertheless, same thickness and smoothness as agent strawberry and it's a nice, cold drink after being cooked for an hour in a hot yoga room. 

Spooky Mocha (4/5) - a friend was looking for that kick to awaken her body as she was also cooked in a hot room.  Thus, aromatic coffee beans with chocolate flavor didn't make her think twice.  It was her first time and she was surprised how thick her drink was and yes, it was also very smooth.  She wouldn't mind a stronger caffeine content (not sure if you can request) and less sweet.

It's worth a visit if you want a change from your usual ice-blended drinks around CBD. 

Price Summary (SGD)
mini (210 ml) : 3.30
reg  (360 ml) : 5.50

Once Upon A Milkshake
32 Maxwell Chambers
*Exit B from Tanjong Pagar MRT
Opens Daily: 11 am to 11 pm

Friday, April 23, 2010

The White Rabbit : awe-inspiring place

We all start from somewhere.  My passion for food have been there since i was young.  From my mother's cooking, to our small eatery, weekend, there and everywhere.  When i was still in Manila, my twin sister and I would celebrate our birthday together trying out new restaurants around the city, stuffed ourselves until we can't walk. 

That passion was brought to Singapore and  now with a new partner, hubby.  After several years of enjoying good food, I started taking pictures of the food with my phone (and I still do, if my camera isn't with me).  For special occasion, I would bring my ex-camera (I have sold it before I got my new baby) and took 1 picture of each dishes, just to capture the plate.  I don't even bother whether it's dark or blurred.  The passion went on, from reading food blogs (now a hobby), up to appreciating good food snapshots.  I tried improving my shots and that sense of contentment everytime I look at the pictures push me to blog after almost 4 years.  Thus, the HT couple was born.

Spare the dramatic beginning,  I've been to this place way back that's worth blogging.  We celebrated our union as husband and wife with our Singapore family (who were not able to attend our wedding in the Philippines) in this chapel-turned-into-restaurant.

Love the interior design!

for big group

a romantic evening for 2

A cozy ambiance should go with nice food.

Salad Printemps - fresh mescluns, with mango, avocado, asparagus and black truffle with their own house dressing. 
*mescluns - mixture of young salad leaves
*black truffles - less pungent, suited for culinary use.

Crispy Duck Leg Confit (4/5) - A friend had this dish that night.  She said it was nicely cooked and she liked the thyme jus and complements the duck.  The meat was very tender and juicy.
*jus - juice of it's own

Curried Black Cod - roased with spices and served with onion soubise, a saffron reduction and wild rice puffs
*soubise - their own version of bechamel sauce, light cream with pureed onions

Tournedos Rossini (4/5) - what more can a then newly-married couple get?  A plate of everything.  A nice piece of warm-centered succulent tenderloin, with a small piece of foie gras on top of it (like it that way just to add twist as i'm not very fond of it) and a sheet of black truffle that's so aromatic and made the dish salivating.  (sense of smell really sends signal to your eyes, brain, taste buds on how should a food be perceived)


Souffle Rothschild (3/5) - Gran Marnier Souffle with Apricot.  I remember this was a week after I had a souffle at Laurent Bernard Cafe.  I was still in a state of souffle addiction, thus, i didn't think twice of ordering my weekly dose of souffle.  However, The apricot coulis on the souffle was too sweet for me and the souffle was not smooth as I was expecting.  But, it's good enough to share this with hubby for a sweet fare that night.

The star of the night

Crepes Suzette (4/5) - This was made in front of us.  Love the sweetness of the caramelized sugar, the zest of orange, and to add more joy, the vanilla ice cream on top with orange peels.  It's always nice to see how your food  is being done.  (Flambéed is give the x-factor in cooking).
*Flambé - a cooking procedure when an alcohol is added to a hot pan to create burst of flames.

We ordered crepes as we were envious with the other table having a cooking show in front of their nose.

After the dinner, i just have to take a photo of how it looks outside.
isn't it lovely?

Overall, it was a nice experience, good food, good service, beautiful place.  It's a bit pricey but good for celebrating special occasions.  *Check out their lunch set menu (it's quite reasonable)

Price Summary (SGD)
Salad Printemps :     $18
Duck Confit       :      $29
Black Cod          :      $29
Tournedos Rossini:   $45  
Souffle Rothschild:   $16  
Crepes Suzette:        $18
*GST and SCharge applies

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
*near Botanical Garden and Dempsey Hill
Lunch : Tues- Sun: noon-230 pm
Brunch: Sat & Sun: 11 am- 330 pm
Dinner: Tues-Sun: 630 pm - 1030 pm (check out their playful website)

P.S Sorry for the not-so-sharp pictures.  These were my first few food shots.
*Explanations taken from Wikipedia

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brussels Sprouts: eat like Belgians!

The best way to travel around the world without air tickets, excess baggage, accommodation is to explore the world of food.  Singapore is one of the countries to showcase around-the-world cuisine that's why hubby and I love it here. 
I've posted this in a personal blog and carrying it over here.  This is another place where i can take beers.  I'm in love with Belgian beers (too bad, it's so expensive here in Singapore).  This place has more extensive Belgian beer list compared to Peperoni/L'estraminet.  I ordered Kriek, as usual, but i chose Mort Subite as it's the cheapest (i just have to scrimp on this, as I know how cheap it is in Belgium) in the menu. 
Mort Subite Kriek (3/5) - The beer was too light for my taste.  (Boon Kriek is much better)

Meatballs braised in Dark Beer Sauce, Onion and Mustard served with Pommes Croquettes (3/5) -The beer sauce gave a nice flavor to the meatballs.  However, the meatballs were a bit dry, I'm not sure if it's the effect of being braised in beer.  It's quite heavy, chunky and lots of minced meat were used which filled up our tummies easily.  The potato croquettes were bland so we rolled them back and forth on the sauce.

Anyways, we go to this place not for it's meatballs but for the mussels!

Gratinee (4/5) - our choice among their list of gratinated moules, as this dish was baked with Gruyere cheese (sounds what hubby and I would like), butter, parmesan and nutmeg.  The mussels were very flavorful with all the ingredients baked on top of it.  My only complain that night was the mussels were small compared to our past visits (but might be seasonal too), adding a few more pieces to offset the size would be a good idea.

 Meridionale (5/5) - Saffron was the key word to made us order this.  The mussels were simmered in a pot of tomato-based mixed with parsley, herbs, garlic and the aromatic saffron.  The said mollusks were pretty big and nicely cooked.  Hubby and I have been slurping the soup all night as it was so delicious!

All moules are served with unlimited fries (fat ones).  It's a good place for light, satisfying dinner.  Do try their A la Kriek Mussels - yummy too.

Price Summary (SGD)
Mussels and Fries Starter size: $18.5
                              Main   size: $38.5
Meatballs : 24
Mort Subite Kriek : 12
w/GST and SCharge

Brussels Sprouts
80 Mohammed Sultan Road
The Pier @ Robertson Quay
(beside Laurent Bernard)
Mon-Thurs: 5 pm - midnight
Fri-Sat : noon - 1 am
Sun: noon - midnight

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tampopo @ Liang Court : ramen fever

Hungrygowhere featured the Top 10 Ramen in Singapore.  This time, hubby was reading about this and gave me a poke, "Baby, we go for ramen tomorrow".  I was not able to agree as my stomach sends a signal to my brain..."you just had dinner".  So I'm not very enthusiastic that time.

Fast forward, when i woke up the next day, I can't wait for our ramen dinner.  I made sure I'm busy the whole day so I won't think too much of the meal (or else I would have 3 PM dinner).  We hang out at Clarke Quay to kill  time and finally, we walked our way to Liang Court.  At exactly 630 pm, there's already a queue. but we waited about 10 minutes and our number was called.   Like a kid, I held hubby's hand and can't wait to indulge into a hot bowl of noodle.

Black Pig Delux Shabu Ramen with Dragon Ball (3.75/5) - This is voted as one of the best ramen in Singapore.  So it's a given that we get a bowl of this.  Since it's spicy, this bowl goes in front of me.  (hubby's tummy doesn't like being abused).  The soup was's tasty but not as thick and rich as what I'm expecting for 2 days of boiling pork bone. (my standard went up when I have tasted Gumshara Ramen Sydney).  I think the soup is too spicy to really taste it's goodness.  (but i've seen reviews that it's mildly spiced, try requesting on how spicy you want it to be)  They currently have a promotion where you can order your Shabu Ramen with a "DRAGON BALL"  - minced black pig shaped like a ball.

I love the noodle, I prefer this ramen than the Hokkaido style (thicker).  Also, I like the thin slices of kurobuta pork belly, it's sweeter than the normal pig. If you're a fan of kimchi ramen like me, you would be able to finish this bowl. 

Rich BP Kyushu Ramen (4/5) - richer and thicker than the one i had.  The pork bone soup of this ramen is flavorful and better.  The BBQ black pig (kurobuta) with this ramen is very delicious with a hint of sweetness. ( i tried to exchange it with hubby with my dragon ball but he didn't give in, it was a good try though)

Wagyu Potato Croquette (2/5) - mashed fried potatoes and you don't even taste and see any wagyu.  There's nothing special to this dish.  We ordered this as we were very hungry but it arrived last.

Nevertheless, it's a good place for ramen craving, i'll be back for the tonkatsu ramen (looks enticing).

Price Summary (SGD)

Black Pig Delux Shabu Ramen                       13.80
*additional 1 dollar with Dragon ball
Rich BP Kyshu Ramen                                   14.80
Wagyu Potato Croquette                                5.00+
*Standard Chartered 10% discount
w/ GST and SCharge

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court (beside Novotel)
*walking distance from Clarke Quay

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Prime Society: where our appetites belong

We have so many reasons to celebrate and the best way to be merry is to dine in one of our favorite restaurants.  The Prime Society has been the haven for happiness and joy for the HT couple.

We've been here several times and they never fail to give us the same spot when it's just the two of us (just a coincidence, no special treatment).  We are always sitted in the corner, where you can have a peek of chef at work in between the wall and the cabinet of this high ceiling restaurant.

For the World Gourmet Summit, hubby tried Prime Society's Gunpowder Wagyu Beef (I ordered something else, so if one of us collapse, at least one can still bring the other to the hospital...kidding aside)  We read about this specialty , Gun powder has been used for curing & seasoning meat for ages.  No need to doubt of it's edibility and they skip the sulphur so no worries of sudden BOOM!.  The gun powder that PS uses is from a formula that their Chef Damos made (what a passion!) and from the taste of the meat, he succeeded!

Gunpowder Wagyu Beef (5/5) -  180 grams of Grade 9 Wagyu beef, cured and seasoned in their own gunpowder.  The meat was thinly cut and cooked medium (standard for this dish).  At first, it was a bit scary of how dark the outside of the meat looks (i was imagining mafia from the steak).  The meat were lain on a bed of everything truffle...truffle mushroom sheet, truffle oil and truffle salt.

Look at how the Wagyu was nicely cut into pieces! (up close and personal).  The meat was very tender (the most tender i've had) and tasty.  This is not your ordinary kind of steak as it's succulent and has a twist of salty and sweetness of the gunpowder marinade (for 24 hours).  Thumbs up! (the best steak I ever had)

Tenderloin (5/5) - I ordered 200-grams 30-month old (before it's served on my plate) Tenderloin that's grass fed (my usual order).  Prime Society explains in their menu the advantage of grain fed with grass fed.  Grain fed, is expensive and labor extensive (cows are being taken care of like pets) and  is advisable for those who appreciates beef fats, due to it's higher percentage of meat marbling compared to grass fed.   I always choose grass fed because of its lower fat content.  I chose their fries (it's fried-fully taste) as my side dish.  My steak can never go wrong with Blue Cheese Avocado Dip...yummy.

Tenderloin (5/5) - Medium-rare, tender and a very good piece of meat.  The meat was very juicy and rich in taste.  The grade of meat, it's taste, how it's cook, everything has been consistent all the time.

Truffle Mushroom Soup (4/5) - I forgot the soup due to my steak-blogging excitement.  It's rich & thick with mushroom chunks that were chewy and delicious.  The strong smell and taste of the truffle gave the soup it's wonderful aroma.

Amaretto Affogato (5/5) - what makes a vanilla ice cream at it's best?  A shot of espresso and a shot of amaretto.  Love that almond-y smell and taste in the Amaretto and that strong, tasteful bitterness of the espresso.  Mix it well with the ice's heaven!

It was a lovely night of eating, drinking and reminiscing with hubby.

Price Summary (SGD)
Tenderloin $48
Gunpowder Wagyu Beef $68 (valid till April 24)
Soup of the day $9
Amaretto Affogato $15
*wine selection is quite extensive

The Prime Society
10 Dempsey Road
Lunch: 11.00am to 3.00pm (Weekends: 10.00am to 3.00pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Daily)