Friday, April 9, 2010

Peperoni Pizzeria

Hubby and I need our dose of disc-shaped bread created by the Italian to complete our week(Thank God for the food-minded Italians).  We decided to try out the busy but relaxed neighborhood of Greenwood Ave (Hillcrest).  The area is surrounded by numerous restaurants so you'll be able to get seats, for sure.

Peperoni Pizzeria is part of the famous Les Amis Group...Au Jardin, La Strada to name a few.  This pizzeria showcased the lighter side, family-oriented and budget conscious of Les Amis.  They served true Italian fare and the wood-fired oven pizza that is becoming a staple food in Singapore.

No fancy table cloth, colored papers were used, so kids, oldies, and not-so-young-not-so-old can scribble on the paper which they post on the walls and gave the warmth feel to the place.
Better be sure your drawings are worth posting!

They have a semi-outdoor dining, if you want a little bit of romance.

L'Estraminet, which takes care of the drinks, is the sibling of this pizzeria.  They have a wide range of Belgian beers!  I got myself a glass of fruit beer (the only beer I can drink) 
Boon Kriek (4/5) - I love it!  The sweet taste of cherry and the bubbly spirit of beer, I don't mind having a beer belly if it's free flow (keep dreamin')

Bitter Ballen (3.75/5) - their own version of Dutch meatballs.  The balls were tasteful but, the meat was less creamy than the real thing in the Netherlands.  We missed that oozing consistency when you cut the balls into pieces. Still, taste good and a nice treat.

Mozzarella Fasciata Con Prosciutto (5/5) - We got 3 fat pieces of mozzarella wrapped in parma ham and fried in balsamic reduction sauce.  Balsamic reduction is when you slowly cook balsamic vinegar to sacrifice it's volume but gives more taste (as explained by hubby - I skipped the molecules part though*smile*).  The mozzarella was smooth and the idea of wrapping it in a parma ham was terrific as it made a white cheese interesting and gave that "oomph" taste.

Large Pizza 12" (3.5/5) - we enjoyed 2 types of pizza as we ordered a split large one.  We quickly decided on Capricciosa - ham, mushrooms and the artichokes, which was not abundant to fill half the pizza and the other half was Saucisson (held my nose to pronounce it correctly) - we got a few pieces of sausages, but love those whole cloves of roasted garlic and scattered onions.  The pizza was a bit dry and bland for our taste. A few dash of parmesan and chili flakes does the works.

what i like the most - how thin the crust is!  I can imagine the kneading effort that the chef has devoted for our pizza.

We always enjoy wood-fired oven pizza.  Let us know of any other good pizzeria in Singapore so they can be a part of our weekly dose.

Service was good and I love the the ALL NET policy (GST included/NO SVC CHARGE)

Price Summary (SGD)
Boon Kriek = 13
Bitter Ballen = 8
Mozzarella Fasciata con Prosciutto = 16
Large Pizza = 22 (regardless of the type)
*you can opt to add truffle = add. $4 for large
House Red = 13

Peperoni Pizzeria
6 Greenwood Ave
Hillcrest Park
Opening Hours: 12nn - midnight


  1. I like the unique way you take some of your pictures, very refreshing! :)

    Somehow, the Boon Kriek seems very appealing!

  2. Thanks Harris! Yes, the Kriek beer was very relaxing after a busy day :)

  3. hi, just wondering, how big is the pizza? large for 2pax? 'cos actually a friend's bday is coming and after reading your review, im quite keen on this place! do you recommend it for bday dinner? how's the ambience? is it too noisy? sorry for the overwhelming qns. appreciate your help, thanks(:

  4. Hi I'm the lady. The pizza is good enough for 2. But do take note, that their pizza has a very thin crust so it really depends on the appetite and if you order some starters, etc. The ambiance was ok, even if there's a bar beside it, it was not noisy at all. I suggest you make reservations and request for your preference. They're very friendly and accommodating. Thanks for dropping by. Keep on reading and eating :)

  5. Hi I'm the Lady, I suggest you call earlier for reservation so you secure seats without time limit :) You can doodle on their table paper and dedicate it to your friend :) . Enjoy the bday celebration and happy bday to your friend.

  6. i see! yes i've made reservation alr. besides the location being rather secluded, i guess it's fine. thanks alot for advice! and continue writing! (: