Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar: sweet visit

We love eating sweets.  Our fridge doesn't have much items other than chocolates.  Hubby and I would eat a piece everyday.  Sugar rush for hubby every afternoon, to keep the energy going.  In contrast, I would eat a piece before going to bed for a good night sleep.

This small chocolate bar @ Robertson Quay is my favorite souffle place in Singapore.  We've tried a few of their souffles and trying out more...

This time, we had rum and raisins...

Rum and Raisin Souffle (4/5) - They started making our souffle upon order.  Once it arrived on our table, we can't wait to dig in!  I love the light, fluffy and creamy texture of this souffle.  The hint of rum and the exotic taste of the raisins had been a unique flavor for desserts so why not in this?  But I do agree to other foodies who have been here that their Chocolate Souffle is still the best.

Brazil Mocha (5/5) - Hubby's drink, but I almost gulped down when I tried.  The rich consistency and taste of the mocha with a kick of caffeine made this a good after-dinner drink that warmed our tummies and satisfied our tastebuds.

We love the  neat, kitchen-like counter and the hanging bulbs!

This is definitely a must-return for desserts!

Laurent Cafe and Chocolate Bar
The Pier on Robertson Quay
80 Mohammed Sultan #01-11
Operating Hours:
Monday  6 pm - 11 pm
Tuesday-Thursday 1 pm - 12 midnight
Friday-Saturday 1 pm - 1 am
Sunday 1 pm -11 pm
*check out their other branch at Portsdown


  1. It's a somewhat good thing I don't live very near Robertson Quay. I would think I will be having something from Laurent at least thrice a week! ;)

  2. hahaha..if I don't mind having 3 layers of belly, I would be there 3x a week too!