Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tampopo @ Liang Court : ramen fever

Hungrygowhere featured the Top 10 Ramen in Singapore.  This time, hubby was reading about this and gave me a poke, "Baby, we go for ramen tomorrow".  I was not able to agree as my stomach sends a signal to my brain..."you just had dinner".  So I'm not very enthusiastic that time.

Fast forward, when i woke up the next day, I can't wait for our ramen dinner.  I made sure I'm busy the whole day so I won't think too much of the meal (or else I would have 3 PM dinner).  We hang out at Clarke Quay to kill  time and finally, we walked our way to Liang Court.  At exactly 630 pm, there's already a queue. but we waited about 10 minutes and our number was called.   Like a kid, I held hubby's hand and can't wait to indulge into a hot bowl of noodle.

Black Pig Delux Shabu Ramen with Dragon Ball (3.75/5) - This is voted as one of the best ramen in Singapore.  So it's a given that we get a bowl of this.  Since it's spicy, this bowl goes in front of me.  (hubby's tummy doesn't like being abused).  The soup was ok...it's tasty but not as thick and rich as what I'm expecting for 2 days of boiling pork bone. (my standard went up when I have tasted Gumshara Ramen Sydney).  I think the soup is too spicy to really taste it's goodness.  (but i've seen reviews that it's mildly spiced, try requesting on how spicy you want it to be)  They currently have a promotion where you can order your Shabu Ramen with a "DRAGON BALL"  - minced black pig shaped like a ball.

I love the noodle, I prefer this ramen than the Hokkaido style (thicker).  Also, I like the thin slices of kurobuta pork belly, it's sweeter than the normal pig. If you're a fan of kimchi ramen like me, you would be able to finish this bowl. 

Rich BP Kyushu Ramen (4/5) - richer and thicker than the one i had.  The pork bone soup of this ramen is flavorful and better.  The BBQ black pig (kurobuta) with this ramen is very delicious with a hint of sweetness. ( i tried to exchange it with hubby with my dragon ball but he didn't give in, it was a good try though)

Wagyu Potato Croquette (2/5) - mashed fried potatoes and you don't even taste and see any wagyu.  There's nothing special to this dish.  We ordered this as we were very hungry but it arrived last.

Nevertheless, it's a good place for ramen craving, i'll be back for the tonkatsu ramen (looks enticing).

Price Summary (SGD)

Black Pig Delux Shabu Ramen                       13.80
*additional 1 dollar with Dragon ball
Rich BP Kyshu Ramen                                   14.80
Wagyu Potato Croquette                                5.00+
*Standard Chartered 10% discount
w/ GST and SCharge

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court (beside Novotel)
*walking distance from Clarke Quay


  1. You should try the deli's cream puffs :) and the japanese beef curry rice slurppssss...

  2. are you from manila (saw it on your "manila dose" column)? maybe when we meet in may you could introduce me to some filipino food? any good ones in singapore? ;)

  3. Yes, i'm from Manila...yeah, i was thinking about that...there are a few restaurants and eateries serving Filipino food.

    You mentioned about the japanese beef curry...i'm hungry again :(