Friday, April 16, 2010

Out of the Pan: crepes

I'll be honest that we got drawn to visit this place for the 1-for-1 by UOB (until June 30).  (for me, minimum of $15 for a crepe is way too much).

We got ourselves...

Black Pepper Beef Crepe (3.75/5) - the number of beef slices was enough for the thinly made whole wheat crepe that's cut into 2.  Meat was well sauteed and I would say it's tasty.  A side dish of not-so-much leafy greens spiced up the plate.

Peking Duck Crepe (3.75/5) - the duck slices are not so generous compared to the beef.  The sweet sauce was nice and yummy.  The meat was tender and i got 2 small pieces of the skin.  While i was trying to disect my crepe, i got this soggy-looking piece (looks like fat) and put it on the side until I realize it's lychee (as per the menu). 

It's ok for the price of 1-for-1 and for western-asian fusion meal.  But hubby and I are contented with aunties' and uncles' duck rice and black pepper beef rice. We realize we're both not non-sweet-crepe fanatics.

Price Summary (SGD)
Black Pepper $15
Peking Duck $15.50
*UOB 1-for-1 -> Black Pepper is free (cheaper)
w/ GST and ServCharge

Out of the Pan
Basement, Raffles City
Sun -Thur 10 am - 10 pm
Fri-Sat 10 am -1030 pm

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