Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tony Roma's - ribs and BBQ chicken

Tony Roma's is the only American restaurant that HT couple frequents in Singapore.  And why? because they still serve the best baby back ribs and their signature Romaritas' are exceptional. 

Want to know more???

Baby Back Ribs (5/5) - half slab loin ribs, even though it has less meat than the normal pork ribs, it's more tender and less fats.  The BBQ sauce, made from their secret spices and recipe, made this ribs mouth-watering.  It's value for money as the serving is pretty big and good for sharing. (i know having corn and fries do not give appeal to the plate...haha but yellow was the color of the night for hungry wife)

Hubby decided to go conservative by having white meat...
South Western Chicken (3.75/5) - chicken breast that's covered with their Monterey cheese and BBQ sauce.  Salsa were given on the side if you want to add more spice to your chicken.  Without the salsa, I find it a bit tasteless but hubby said having this before the ribs would somehow balance my taste buds.  (the ranch style beans was sooooo delicious!)

What i'm raving about...
Cadillac Top-Shelf Romarita (5/5) - they have one of the best margarita's for HT couple.  They don't skimp on Tequila (not sure which brand), Grand Marnier and Cointreau.  First sip, you can already feel the kick going into your throat and to your tummy.  With a little amount of sweetener, the zest of lime and some ice...voila!  the guy at the bar just got thumbs up from us! (on the rocks is better than the frozen)

Price Summary (SGD)
Baby Back Ribs (half slab) - 21.90
South Western Chicken - 21.90
Cadillar Top-Shelf Romarita - 12.90
GST and Scharge apply
*Get connected with TR's at their website and get your 2nd main course at 50% off

Tony Roma's
B1-007 Suntec City Mall
Mon to Thur: 1130 am - 3 pm
                      6 pm - 10 pm
Fri-Sun: 1130 am - 10 pm

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