Friday, April 23, 2010

The White Rabbit : awe-inspiring place

We all start from somewhere.  My passion for food have been there since i was young.  From my mother's cooking, to our small eatery, weekend, there and everywhere.  When i was still in Manila, my twin sister and I would celebrate our birthday together trying out new restaurants around the city, stuffed ourselves until we can't walk. 

That passion was brought to Singapore and  now with a new partner, hubby.  After several years of enjoying good food, I started taking pictures of the food with my phone (and I still do, if my camera isn't with me).  For special occasion, I would bring my ex-camera (I have sold it before I got my new baby) and took 1 picture of each dishes, just to capture the plate.  I don't even bother whether it's dark or blurred.  The passion went on, from reading food blogs (now a hobby), up to appreciating good food snapshots.  I tried improving my shots and that sense of contentment everytime I look at the pictures push me to blog after almost 4 years.  Thus, the HT couple was born.

Spare the dramatic beginning,  I've been to this place way back that's worth blogging.  We celebrated our union as husband and wife with our Singapore family (who were not able to attend our wedding in the Philippines) in this chapel-turned-into-restaurant.

Love the interior design!

for big group

a romantic evening for 2

A cozy ambiance should go with nice food.

Salad Printemps - fresh mescluns, with mango, avocado, asparagus and black truffle with their own house dressing. 
*mescluns - mixture of young salad leaves
*black truffles - less pungent, suited for culinary use.

Crispy Duck Leg Confit (4/5) - A friend had this dish that night.  She said it was nicely cooked and she liked the thyme jus and complements the duck.  The meat was very tender and juicy.
*jus - juice of it's own

Curried Black Cod - roased with spices and served with onion soubise, a saffron reduction and wild rice puffs
*soubise - their own version of bechamel sauce, light cream with pureed onions

Tournedos Rossini (4/5) - what more can a then newly-married couple get?  A plate of everything.  A nice piece of warm-centered succulent tenderloin, with a small piece of foie gras on top of it (like it that way just to add twist as i'm not very fond of it) and a sheet of black truffle that's so aromatic and made the dish salivating.  (sense of smell really sends signal to your eyes, brain, taste buds on how should a food be perceived)


Souffle Rothschild (3/5) - Gran Marnier Souffle with Apricot.  I remember this was a week after I had a souffle at Laurent Bernard Cafe.  I was still in a state of souffle addiction, thus, i didn't think twice of ordering my weekly dose of souffle.  However, The apricot coulis on the souffle was too sweet for me and the souffle was not smooth as I was expecting.  But, it's good enough to share this with hubby for a sweet fare that night.

The star of the night

Crepes Suzette (4/5) - This was made in front of us.  Love the sweetness of the caramelized sugar, the zest of orange, and to add more joy, the vanilla ice cream on top with orange peels.  It's always nice to see how your food  is being done.  (Flambéed is give the x-factor in cooking).
*Flambé - a cooking procedure when an alcohol is added to a hot pan to create burst of flames.

We ordered crepes as we were envious with the other table having a cooking show in front of their nose.

After the dinner, i just have to take a photo of how it looks outside.
isn't it lovely?

Overall, it was a nice experience, good food, good service, beautiful place.  It's a bit pricey but good for celebrating special occasions.  *Check out their lunch set menu (it's quite reasonable)

Price Summary (SGD)
Salad Printemps :     $18
Duck Confit       :      $29
Black Cod          :      $29
Tournedos Rossini:   $45  
Souffle Rothschild:   $16  
Crepes Suzette:        $18
*GST and SCharge applies

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
*near Botanical Garden and Dempsey Hill
Lunch : Tues- Sun: noon-230 pm
Brunch: Sat & Sun: 11 am- 330 pm
Dinner: Tues-Sun: 630 pm - 1030 pm (check out their playful website)

P.S Sorry for the not-so-sharp pictures.  These were my first few food shots.
*Explanations taken from Wikipedia


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