Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food for Thought@ North Bridge

Comfort food...for us hungry trotting couple, this means, a simple fare which satisfies our stomach and lifts our enjoyment of savoring it without noticing we've emptied our plates.  In summary: simple, cheap, not too much fuzz and yummy.

On a stress day, it's difficult for us to think where to go for dinner.  (deciding where to eat gives spice to our marriage, we don't argue on anything except on places to dine *wink*).  We can never go wrong with Food For Thought @ North Bridge.  Aside from it's accessibility from our place, we love the endearing and welcoming staff.

We would usually order 2 premium sets of the same combination.  We can't get enough of these.

Smoked Duck Salad (5/5) left - look at those thick slices of smoked duck scattered on top of the greens!  When they mention "duck" in their duck salad, they really give you DUUUUUCCCCKSSS...generous pieces of nicely-smoked duck meat and delectable.  We love the idea of those fresh orange slices that gives the lightness taste of the salad and adds color.  Drizzled honey mustard enhance the flavor of the dish.

Cuban Ham and Pork Steak (5/5) right - This sandwich is commendable because of it's several items.  The focaccia bread - firm on the outside and soft on the inside, this is how we consider bread as fresh.  The cuban ham was delicious but we love the slow-pulled pork shreds and it's sauce.  The house specialty sauce is very tasty and goes very well with the sandwich.  The melted cheese and the zesty pineapple chunks in between complete the meal.

*note that the items mentioned are not yet available in their branch @ Queen Street.

We love the concept (supports charities), we love the people, we love the chef (always smiling) - but you see him more in their new branch and we love the food...that's what comfort is all about.

 Price Summary (SGD)
Premium Combination: about $13
*excludes GST

Food For Thought
420 North Bridge Rd
across National Library


  1. Have you been to the new Food for Thought at Queen Street? Not as hole-in-the-wall kind of cosy, but lovely place nevertheless :)

  2. Hey Harris, yes I've been to their branch at Queen Street. I've tried their basil pesto chicken sandwich there, it's good...but I'm still loyal to my Cuban Ham and Pork. We requested if they can bring this premium sandwich in their new branch. They will try to...:) I love those hanging bottles...quite unique... :)