Monday, April 26, 2010

F.I.S.H: sole provider

I've been a fan of Fish & Co when they opened a store in Manila.  And i'm a regular when I moved to Singapore.  They opened their sister store F.I.S.H to serve new seafood delicacies and halal-certified menu.

The place looks more posh compared to established Fish & Co.  In addition, is the salad bar, which you can top up from your main course or just salad for an eat-all-you-can healthy feast.

For a healthy lunch...
White Fish with Thyme Pangrattato & Capers Basil Butter Sauce (3.75/5) - the fish was soft and tasty.  The cheese smothered on was the same cheese used in F&Co.  Added herbs gave this dish it's X factor.  The only downside is the size of the fish (not enough even for ladies, if you don't top up with their salad buffet).  But, you can't complain for more, as this delicious dish is only less than 10 dollars.

For some carbo loading...
Baked Seafood Spaghetti (4.25/5) - this was served like a crumpled paper twisted on both ends.  Opening up, i can smell the aroma of the pasta, how hot and fresh it was.  The advantage of baking pasta is it keeps all the herbs and sauce intact thus, making it more delicious. 

And if up for something creamy...
Prawn Fettucine (3/5) - generous amount of prawns and herbs.  It was a bit bland but ok, nothing extravagant about it, just a normal meal.

If you're up to for a seafood twist, this is a place for you.  I would re-visit the salad buffet but I'm ok with the fish catch in Fish&Co.

Price Summary (in SGD)
White Fish 9.90
Baked Seafood Spaghetti 13.90
Prawn Fettucine 13.90
GST and SCharge apply
*for Citibank cardholders, if you order a main course with salad buffet, you can purchase the Baked Seafood Spaghetti for only 10 dollars.

04-11, 05-13
Tampines 1
Opens 1130 am - 10 pm
*check out other branches in their website

P.S. Thanks Richard & Tin for the IPhone shots :D

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