Monday, April 12, 2010

Spinelli's Coffee: apple crumble

They said love is about sharing...for me, it depends what is being shared upon.

There are mass market coffee shops around Singapore.  In Orchard, Raffles Place, even Beach Road, every other block you can see Starbucks, or Coffee Bean, etc.  Though some of their branches don't serve cappuccino appealing to my taste (too much milk) even if i clearly mentioned 'DRY', I still patronize for their accessibility, their Ice Blended Green Tea and some of their pastries (that would be on another post).

Spinelli's Coffee is our favorite among the MM (mass market) coffee shops.  Aside from being the cheapest, their Cappuccino is heaven sent.  They tend to use a lot of milk just like others, but one secret is, we always get the smallest size.  There's less room to pour milk after a single shot of espresso...just the way our coffee should be. Hubbie likes their Macchiato, an expresso-shot with just a spoonful of steamed milk. Their Banana Spin is our savior, especially in this hot, sunny weather.  They use real bananas(not banana syrup) and I would say, bananas always work well with chocolate/mocha. 

I'm a very generous wife, even the last spoonful that would go into my mouth, I would offer to hubby...but as I've said there are limits...

Apple Crumble (5/5) - This is our favorite apple crumble in Singapore.  Look at those thick chunks of apple slices and lots, lots, lots of raisins.  We love the light flavor and aroma of the cinnamon.  And the crumbles and crust are delicious, not too sweet but still have that sugary punch.  For $3.70 (cheap!), it's value for money.
Now, can you blame me of not sharing?  *peace hubby*

Price Summary (in SGD)
Apple Crumble 3.70
Banana Spin (M) 5.90
Cappuccino (S) - 4 something

Spinelli's Coffee
Raffles Hospital
*we prefer this branch quietness,
a little bit off the city and walking distance
from home
Opening Hours: 7:30 am - 8 pm

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