Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time-Out Sydney Part 2: fish market

How can we afford not to get fresh seafood in a country that's surrounded by water?  Definitely, we can't!

We parked the car on a street that's close by Pyrmont (where the fish market is).  We decided to walk using our sense of smell rather than depending too much with our printed map.  The smell didn't fail us.  After crossing under a bridge...ta dah!  Fishy smell, market ambiance...and yes, we were there.

We dropped by at the first shop we saw..Claudio's.  They have a wide range of seafood but what caught our eyes were the nice, fresh looking sashimi! 

100 grams of Tuna and 100 grams of Salmon

We picked our fresh sashimi with soy/wasabi sauce and chopsticks with smiles on our face.  We headed off to the indoor dining area...which you can't bring food from outside(Claudio's is situated outside...unfortunately).  Sneaky as usual, we settled down at a shop name Peter's Grill and bought one of their items so we can use their dining area. 

What we got?
these fat looking prawns...sending message to our mind...pick me, pick me, eat me (they have 3 types of portion, we got the smallest container - still the serving is good for 3)

The sashimi were fresh.  The soy sauce is so-so.  It could used a little more wasabi for our taste.

The fat prawns were palatable.  We both agree that it needs more garlic, salt and pepper so we would not need to depend on tartar sauce.

With full stomach, we happily said goodbye and we shall return.

Price Summary (in AUD)
Claudio's Tuna and Salmon (100 g each) ~$15
*20 cents for the soy/wasabi, and 20 cents for 2 chopsticks
Peter's Grill Cooked prawns (serving: 2-3) ~$15

Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street Pyrmont
Sydney, Australia
Opens 7 am - 4pm
*conveniently accessible by metro or boat

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