Friday, March 5, 2010

Turkish Cuisine

I'm carrying over some of my food blog posts from my Multiply account (yes, i was a secretive food blogger before). :D

I have deleted the original pictures of the food and kept this collage to save a few kilobyte. :) Click the picture to enlarge.

Check the pics from the top (then left to right)

Apple Tea (3/5) - the usual teapot with, not the usual teacup...a shot glass.  It's my first time to try a turkish tea and indeed it was sweet.  I've read online, Turkish takes their tea with beetroot sugar and tea is considered a social drink.  I'm not a fan of sweet tea.  As a kid, grandma made me appreciate and love Teh-O-Kosong.

Kunefe (4/5) - no space for dessert, but we still ordered Kunefe after a mouth-watering tale from our server.  With his story, everything sweet except chocolates comprises this dessert .   It's hand-made, fresh shredded wheat flakes called kadayif , baked in an oven and immediately served hot with cream, syrup and pistachios.  How can you skip dessert?  Simple verdict: sweet and interesting  A must-try.  Serving is good for 4 or more.

Adana Karavan Chicken (5/5) - a perfect pick.  Served with eggplant puree (mixed with yogurt).  Chicken pieces were delightful and plenty enough for my hubby to steal a few pieces on my plate.

I'm not sure what hubby ordered that time.  I think it was Doner Kebab (lamb) (2/5)- All i remember, it was not exceptional.  Hubby has been picking stuffs on my plate that night. 

Price Summary(in SGD):
Tea: ~ 2 - 4
Kunefe: ~ 13
Adana Karavan Chicken: ~ 19
Lamb Kebab: ~15

Turkish Cuisine
03-004 Suntec Mall
*another branch in Upper East Coast
(beside Chat Masala) - more inviting ambiance :)

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