Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dunearn @ NUSS Bukit Timah Guild House

We don't meet up with our friends so often due to our busy schedule...but once we get the chance, we would treat ourselves in a high degustation we wouldn't forget. 

Haven't seen these friends for a long time, it was nice to catch up and reminisce in a nice quiet place nestled in Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The place is a bit small and reservation is advised.  A smart casual works well with the simplicity and elegance of this place.
(check out the dress code)

The Executive Deal was tempting to everyone.  With two 5-course set dinners and a bottle of wine for 88 dollars, how can you say NO to that?  Without thinking twice...DEAL! (note: March set menu)

Cold Appetizer (4/5) - Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll with Glass Noodles and Grilled Kurobota Pork Cheek with Honey Dip
I love the dip.  The delicious sauce was a smart choice for first impression.  The paper roll was heavenly thin and absorbed the dip nicely.  The Kurobota cheek was thinly sliced so it was not enough to savor the meat.  Overall, it was a good mix.

Soup (2/5) - Oyster Chowder with Curry Dust
The soup was so-so.  Even though it's creamy, it was a bit bland.  Thank God for that electronic pepper grinder the waiter walked around with.  2 pieces of oysters and a teaspoon of smooth mashed potato gave the works.
Warm Appetizer (4/5) - Baked Salmon with Tomato Coulis
The small portion of this salmon helped us to get a headstart.  The rich tomato sauce was a delight.

Intermezzo (5/5) - Apple Sorbet with Jelly

It's time to cleanse our palate and prepare our tastebuds.  We were provided a small glass of apple ice that was sweet and refreshing.  I don't mind a light dessert before the main treat.


Grilled Australian Sirloin with Truffle Red Wine Glaze on Bed of Leek (4/5)
Serving portion was just right. The meat was juicy and sumptuous lying on the leeks. Steak was cooked just the way i like it, soft, a bit bloody...yummy. There's not much fat in it, but i got a piece of tendon though. I guess, I was not too lucky.

Braised Lamb Shank infused with Cep Mushrooms served with Seasonal Veggies(5/5)
Wooah...this was everyone's reaction when this dish was place on the table.  It was humongous! The lamb eaters were happy to commend...the meat was tender and it just came off from the bone easily. They were satisfied.

Duo of Poached Threadfin and Seared Scallop with Roasted Baby Carrots and Ginger Cream (4/5)
The dish looked well made up.  The fish and scallops looked smooth and soft.  The foodie who indulged on this had a big grin on her face after the first bite. That said it all.

We were served coffee and tea to ease our stomach.  Then, the fun part...


Yam Gateaux & Mango Cream with Peanut Royaltine (5/5) - not a fan of yam other than yam paste, I like this yam ice cream cake as it was rich and full of taste.  It's not too sweet and you can crunch on a few yam bits in the gateaux. 

Thanks Harris for the information.  We were able to exchange the dessert for half the price of our dessert choice in the menu.

From left to right
Battered Valrhona Chocolate with Raspberry Coulis & Vanila Gelato (5/5) - I got the longest plate and was excited to get my dose of chocolate. I got four pieces of chocolate balls nicely placed on cute teaspoons with raspberry sauce. I put a whole piece in my mouth, and ooofff...the oozing chocolate was luscious and rich. Everytime i popped one in my mouth, it feels like heaven.

Double Baked Brownie Cheesecake with Macadamia Nut Ice Cream - This was mouth watering. If only my stomach can take another dessert...this would be my choice.
Ice Mocha Tiramisu Wild Berries (4/5) - Hubby had his usual Tiramisu, but frozen this time.  The layout was pretty, accompanied by raspberry sorbet on the side. This tiramisu suited his standard of what it should taste like...lots of cream -not diluted with mushy cookies- and the presence of so-called "the espresso punch". 

Service was excellent.  The waiters were attentive enough and took care of us.  Anybody who wanted to join us to try out the April Set Menu? :)

Price Summary
Executive Dinner Set = 39.80
Executive Deal  = 88
 *two 5-course set dinners with a bottle of housepour wine (red, white -> you can choose chardonnay or sauvignon blanc)
You can exchange your dessert by topping up 5 dollars (or half of the original price)

The Dunearn
NUSS Bukit Timah Guild House
1F Cluny Road


  1. Anybody knows if they have service charge? I forgot to check the bill

  2. Ah I see you have found out about Dunearn! Nice post you have there, made me feel hungry all over again haha. I had the same desserts too the last time I was there!

    And gosh the lamb shank looks OH SO GOOD.

  3. Hey Harris...yes i've found the hidden gem...:) My long-time-no-see friends arranged the dinner. I was surprised they chose this place and i was familiar with Dunearn as I've read that WINNING post in your blog. Thanks again for the information. I enjoyed my dessert. :)

  4. all i can say is, i'm glad you read my post before your dinner, and only because you could order and enjoy those delicious desserts :)

    i like the intermezzo sorbet too by the way!