Monday, March 8, 2010

Spizza for friends!

The secret to our happy and contented relationship is a dash of pepper, a pinch of salt and a LARGE WOOD-FIRED PIZZA to share.

We talked, sort out things with pizza.  We reminisce, laugh and cry over pizza.  Yes, pizza had been a great instrument to our no-fight relationship to date.

We've tried several pizzerias around Singapore and we have our favorites.  If we don't have the money for the additional pizza toppings,  we would travel to Bukit Timah or walk along Chinatown to reach this humble place.

Pizzas were named after lovely women.  The names are enticing enough for you to choose your lady of  the night.  And there's no limit!  You can have as much ladies as you can.  Margherita, Rosa, Pamela, Ursula, Claudia, etc...they have wide varieties to choose from.

It was love at first sight with Laura (4.5/5).  It's not a normal 4-cheese pizza.  What's special about Laura is her generous amount of Gorgonzola for our eating pleasure.  The strong aroma of Taleggio gave  the 'eat-me, eat-me' feeling.  Scamorza balanced out the texture and Mozzarella was chewy and went well with the crust which is neither too thick nor too thin. Indeed, Laura was lovely!

As meat lovers, we asked for cooked ham as additional topping.  This was a good choice as the ham slices were mild enough to retain Laura's taste.

Aside from the pizza, the other reason to travel all the way is the $1 topping.  Laura was covered well enough by the ham pieces!  We know a few pizzerias charging about 4-8 dollars for every additional topping.

Parmigiana(2/5) - big enough to share for 4 or more.  Overall, it's a bit bland.  And i guess, it was not a good idea on our part to have cheese overload in one night.  Even if it was a Friday.
Commodo (5/5) - worth mentioning...yummy salad!  The portobello mushrooms were tasty and gave flavors to those healthy greens.  The big pieces of feta cheese made it more appetizing.

We did get a nice discount the last time we dine there. (*it pays to be regulars*)

Price Summary (in SGD):
Laura - Small: 17 Large: 21 (applies for all pizzas)
Parmigiana - 14
Commodo - 11 (applies for all appetizer)
House wine by the glass - 12

 If there's still a few dollars left in your wallet, do try their Tartufo. Yummy :)
29 Club Street or
271 Bukit Timah Rd (Balmoral Plaza)
12 pm - 230 pm
6 pm - 1030 pm
*Ambiance - We prefer Balmoral (Bukit Timah). It's more quiet and outdoor seats are available.


  1. oh my, your pictures made me crave for PIZZAAAA!!

  2. After your wedding, we go for pizza galore! :)

  3. nakakagutom nga! gusto ko din ng pizza! :D

  4. Visit us in Singapore, let's do food trip :)