Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food For Thought @ Queen Street

Hubby and I would go to FFT @ North Bridge Road every now and then since they serve the most delicious sandwich. *to be posted*. They are -among others- collecting money for clean water projects.  Eating for a good cause you say?  Can it be better for foodies, since we're able to enjoy eating and help the world at the same time. The only minus is you end up with your clothes smelling like your food as the kitchen is totally open and their exhaust ventilation is not really up for it.

We were happy to find they opened another branch @ Queen St.  The all-white walls, wooden tables and chairs gave this bigger space a very inviting look.  The shelf containing interesting items for sale,  made this place feels like home.

Check out the customized chandelier. We love the idea!

This branch has a slightly different menu compared to North Bridge.  Sandwiches are served only from 2-5:30 pm.  They don't have our favorite sandwich :-(.  The basil pesto chicken is a good alternative.

We went there with our friends for dinner. We were in for meat (Rrroahhh) and who doesn't want to try a menu item called "REALLY GOOD STEAK"?

Really Good Steak with blue cheese butter (4/5) - juicy, tender and tasty. The blue cheese, as always goes well with steak.  I would love to have the blue cheese in sauce instead of butter form.

Oisin Pork Ribs (3.5/5) - it's OK but not great.  The ribs had lots of fat and less meat.  I found it a bit dry and less tender.  Tony Roma's still the #1 in our list. :)

We were not able to grab some of their cakes as it was almost movietime.  We won't miss it next time for sure.

Price Summary (in SGD):
Really Good Steak: 25
Pork Ribs: ~24
Iced lemon tea: 3.50
Sandwiches: ~10-15
Water is free, but a donation jar on the counter
                       for their clean water project
No service charge

Food for Thought
8 Queen Street,
Opens Mon-Sunday
T: 6338 9887
*do call if they're closed for an event


  1. oh wow i like the look after the renovations!

  2. The Queen Street branch has a very relaxing environment. Good place to hang out on a lazy weekend.