Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wild Honey

Remember those days when we would sit down for hours on an early morning, enjoying our eggs, bread, with a cup of coffee?  Those were the days...

Now, breakfast, are just nice-to-have in our daily routine.  We take it for granted and would rather get additional minutes of sleep instead of eating good breakfast.  Hubby and I confessed that we don't give time for this very important meal but we try to grab a cup of cereals or take muesli bars while we start our day in the office. 

Wild Honey is bringing back the good old days.  We were at Mandarin Gallery on a Sunday and saw this place with long queue.  We've decided to go back on a quiet day.

Now, we understand about the queue.  You have to order upfront and pay for your meal.  There are no menu cards, only blackboards where all the items from mains to pastries were written and posted around the counter.

They have 2 IPOD Touch in front of the counter for the pictures of there food items.  I guess, this contributed to the long queue.  Who wouldn't want to know how their meal would look like before ordering unless you're up for a surprise like us.

This place focused on all-day breakfast menu.  The idea was to introduce the good old breakfast around the world.  You can choose from Japanese, Thai, Swiss to Tunisian, you name it, they have it.  We kinda like the concept.

 European (3.5/5) -  I've chosen the typical Eggs Benedict with style.  We got 2 thick slices of their homemade bread, which is tasty enough to be eaten alone but still goes well, with sauteed mushrooms, poached eggs, which i'm not a fan but liked the consistency of this one, cheese and few slices of Prosciutto topped with melted cheese.  This should be called Italian instead of European.  They do sell loaves of their homemade bread for take away for DIY eggs at home.

Pan Fried Goat Cheese Salad with Bacon  (4/5) - The goat cheese made this salad the pick of the night for hubby.  Cheese was smooth and mild, good for those who doesn't have acquired taste for strong cheeses yet.  Bountiful slices of bacon and pine nuts made this dish interesting.  The greens, toasted bread pieces, and light dressing completed this salad. The portion was big as mains.

The place was "gezellig" (more than cozy).  It's a good place to hang out while chit chatting with friends and sipping cups of cappucino on a weekend.
Price Summary (in SGD):
Breakfast Menu - European - 18
Goat Cheese Salad - 15
Cappuccino - 6
*There is service charge even if you have to order upfront.
They bring your meal to your table.
Wild Honey
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
opens daily from 930 am to 930 pm

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