Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chat Masala

Hubby loves indian food.  in hawker centres, he would go to indian stalls to get his satisfying meal.  I noticed that my European friends appreciate indian cuisine.  It's the aromatic spices and the manner of cooking which makes every inch of the meat, vegetables, or whatever they use, full of taste.

Chat Masala at Upper East Coast was our weekend choice for an indian fare.

Pakoras (4/5) - Onions and curry leaves, dipped in a batter of flour and deep fried. A snack/appetizer indians must-have (based on my observation when dining out with my indian teammates), the serving was big enough for four people. Hubby and I were very hungry from our travel to the restaurant so we've emptied the plates in a few minutes. Verdict: Fried stuffs always taste good.

Butter Chicken (3.5/5) - a must-have for people like me.  This dish was the start of my appreciation of Indian food.  Full of flavor and less spicy than masala dishes, it goes well with nice naans.  The sauce was good enough to finish the naans.  Chicken pieces were so tender and just melt in your mouth.  Not-enough chicken slices though. 

Palak Paneer (5/5) - love this dish!  Aside from its nutritional value, who wouldn't love cottage cheese? The cheese was so smooth and the smoothest we have tried in Singapore.  Spinach curry was fantastic. This is a good alternative for no-veggie-since-birth like a friend of mine...NOEL??? :)

We've finished it up; with a glass of lassi...yummy....BURP.

Overall, this is our second favorite indian place in Singapore (we'll blog the first soon!)

Price Summary (in SGD):
Palak Paneer = ~6.80 or less
Butter Chicken = ~10-15
Palak Paneer = ~10-15
Lassi = ~3-5
Naans = ~2-4 per piece (depending on the type)

PS: Naans texture and taste were good (no pictures)
*Pictures were taken from a camera phone

Chat Masala
158 Upper East Coast Rd
630-1030 pm


  1. nice review! keep it up! im just wondering, you and armand are into this eating spree and yet you don't get an inch of fat! (^^,)

  2. bessy! Enjoying and savoring the food slowly is the secret...:) *wink*