Friday, May 14, 2010

Tampopo : Black Pig (kurobuta)

They said when you spend most of your time with a person, eventually, you would think the same.  And yes, HT couple has this disease.  Hubby would finish my sentences and I would order the same as hubby after looking into the menu.  We would just look at each other and laugh our hearts out without saying anything. 

One night, I was depressed and he was tired.  We just look at each other's eyes and yes, we just wanted a simple fare...just ramen.

This time we didn't go wrong with...

Black Pig Char Siew (5/5) - for a little bit over $5, with 2 big slices of pork, seasoned and charred nicely, this is one-of-a-heck good deal!  When it was served, it looked a bit dry, but the bite was juicy and flavorful.  It was nicely cut with fats in between (haha just like Wagyu), and contributed to its more pork-y taste.  And just using chopsticks, we were able to cut this tender meat into pieces.

Tonkatsu Ramen (3/5) - my first time here, i saw those crispy-looking tonkatsu on a wired plate with a bowl of ramen on the other table.  This time, its my turn to try it.  I ask the guy to skip the chili, and it made my ramen soup looked dull (hehe my fault).  My bowl came late so I was expecting a much richer broth.  Sadly, it was a bit bland and watery (maybe because of my humble request).  Yet, the noodle
was the same good, not-mushy and thin type that I had before.
Up, close and personal with the tonkatsu

This oily breaded black pig was crusty and crunchy.  Its a smart pick for fat lovers as each slice of this meat had a good portion of fats with it.

Even though hubby is thinking about getting the same, he has to point a different item in the menu so we can try it too!

Delux Miso Ramen (3.5/5) - this ramen bowl used Hokkaido noodle which is the thick, flat ones.  Delux came with 1 whole half-cooked egg which was nicely done and a chunk of butter which hubby didn't see and was wondering of the soup's sweetness.  We both didn't like the idea of adding this calorific cube but could work if you want to add a distinctive flavor in your japanese bowl.  We were not able to taste its miso-ness but hubby manage to finish it with a slurp!

We both agree that our orders during our first visit were better (check it out here).

ADDENDUM: I mentioned before I prefer the Kyushu type, hmm...the second time around, I prefer the Hokkaido.  (taste buds mood-swing hehe)
Kyushu (left), Hokkaido (right)

Price Summary (SGD)
BP Char Siew $5.80
Tonkatsu Ramen $15.80
Miso Delux Ramen $14.80


177 River Valley Road
Liang Court (beside Novotel)
*walking distance from Clarke Quay


  1. i want to see a live black pig! check out this picture (:

  2. awww...they look adorable...maybe next time, i'll get one as a pet instead of slices on my plate...LOL :)