Sunday, May 16, 2010

Professor Brawn Cafe : eating with a cause

HT couple loves eating.  And it's always a pleasure for us if we're able to enjoy that passion and at the same time, helping others in small ways.

Professor Brawn Cafe was established by not-your-typical-cafe-owners as they went beyond from serving good, affordable food by sharing their  love and faith to people with special needs that they, too, can make a difference in this planet.

HT couple is joining a run (yes, we do other activities aside from eating).  With that, we have to pick up our bibs and race shirts at Novena area.  I've made sure that this time, we would visit this admirable cafe and experience the joy they can offer.

We were greeted by a nice spectacled harry potter-looking guy with a smile.  He brought us to our table, gave us the menu (fairy tale book look-alike)and even recommended dishes we can order.  He was very cheerful and made us feel at home.

love the shelves and the menu

We had...
Sausage with Rosti - we chose spicy italian sausage (yes, you can choose based on your palate) which was very tasty and enough piquancy.  It came with sour cream dip with a hint of lemon which was quite unique.  A good portion of rosti and greens completed this decent meal.

Chicken with truffle sauce - a medium-sized boneless chicken piece on a bed of potato wedges infused with truffle sauce.  I love the scent and flavor of the truffle which I wouldn't mind an overflowing sauce on my plate as the potatoes absorbed it faster than the chicken meat. 

cute glasses - iced lemon tea

We would be regulars here just like how we are with Food for Thought, as HTs are advocates for food places here in Singapore that extend their love for food in helping the needy.

Price Summary (SGD)
Sauage with Rosti -  $13.90
Chicken with Truffle Sauce -$11.90
Iced Lemon Tea - $2.90

Professor Brawn Cafe
2nd floor, Novena Square
(from the escalator, turn left and you'll see this humble cafe)


  1. such a lovely cafe! The rosti is really tempting. haha. Do try out swiss culture at suntec city. They have good rosti and sausages! :)

  2. HI Bella V! Yes, I really love the concept and the history of the cafe. I wanted to try Swiss Culture before and it kinda slipped my mind, thanks for your recommendation!

  3. hee hee stargirl is becoming more and more like a blob who avoids running unless it's for the bus xD

  4. Hi Stargirl! That's why bus driver uncles are always in a rush, they made sure passengers get enough exercise *wink* It's a good start, that's where I started.

  5. Wow the sausages and chicken look delicious. I shall go try the cafe soon :)

  6. Hi PY! I like the sausage than the chicken :) I guess anything for a good cause will always taste good :)

  7. echoing everyone here, but nice hidden find! :)

  8. The harry potter waiter look alike made our visit memorable and splendid :)