Saturday, May 8, 2010

Carl's Jr: is it a healthy burger?

HT couple are not fond of American fast food.  We prefer hawker centres to get chicken rice or hokkien mee rather than burgers and fries. 

But from time to time, we do get our share and taste of it. 

Carl's Jr is HT couple's choice among the American burger joints. They released their range of thickburgers.

I got myself...Low Carb Thickburger

Ta-dah!  Looks pretty healthy, huh?  Veggies, veggies, veggies!

It's the original Carl's Jr burger, with thicker, bigger beef patty and NO BUNS!  The lettuce held my burger and guess what? It was not easy to eat.  (somewhere at the end, my burger became a salad). 

Overall, it was not bad...I wonder how much calories I was able to run away from after gorging into this healthy-looking sandwich?


  1. lol! just like mos burger!
    actually you aren't saving many calories...i think one carl's junior burger bun would contain about 200 calories and the original thickburger might contain about 800 calories.

  2. I just found the nutritional info on their US website. 890 kcals for the original, 570 kcals for the low carb version. I'm gonna try the Thickburger soon!

  3. I like Carl's Junior more than other fastfood burgers, something my army mates and I would have once in a while after some long training in Tekong at Tampines.

    However, after reading Jia Yao's experiment on the Mac Cheeseburger, I am thinking twice about having fast food.

  4. Hi Stargirl! haha you're right, i guess, not much saving of calories, a burger is still a burger. Thanks for the info you've checked in their website, i guess a few less calories is still better than nothing *wink*. I like this thickburger range, more taste, more meat...let me know how you find it.

  5. Hi Xinli, yeah i've read that one. It was quite a coincidence after I posted this entry, I checked the 4moose and i got a bit scared. Good thing i don't eat burgers so often. Or maybe we should try Carl's Jr burger (but quite expensive for experiment compared to Mac) haha.

    I do agree a sinful meal is quite satisfying after a hard day.

  6. Have you tried burger bench at Cineleisure?
    I only eat burger from there now. Love the mushroom cheese burger. And they really use quality beef patty! :)

  7. Hi Bella, not's in my list for my next burger intake :) Hopefully, tonight :) I'll try that mushroom burger.