Monday, May 10, 2010

Nando's: peri peri chicken has landed!

 Guess who's in town?

Hubby and I were one of those who queued up at Bugis, to have our first taste of its chicken in Singapore.  Nando's would be one of the places we won't miss when we go to Malaysia.  Expectations for its first store here was set and hope it won't fail HT couple.

For those who's not familiar, Nando's peri peri chicken originated from South Africa.  This Portuguese-style chicken chain, uses Peri Peri (chilis) to spice up their cocks with other herbs and spices.  They made their menu flexible by offering 4 stages of hot(ness) or their so-called  peri-o-meter.
Extra Hot
Lemon and Herbs
I had...

1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines (4/5) - I don't want to torture myself so i got a MILD peri chicken which was very tasty and indeed, tickled my taste buds.  The herbs and spices were nicely distributed to every piece of this white meat.  There's no single bite without the awesome goodness of peri peri.  The potato lime skewers (you can also order based on their peri-o-meter) were ok but i love the grilled veggies which were crunchy, not overcooked and had lots of flavor.

 Chicken Pita with 1 sideline (4/5) - hubby got the MILD one as well.  It has the same taste as mine but this has more meat.  The chicken fillets were thick but tender and the tomato salsa in this pita gave this dish a zesty and herby twist.

These bottles can be bought for about $4-$5 each. (served on each table too!) HT's choice is the Garlic Peri Peri!

Our expectations were met until...

Hubby and I ordered Redbush Refresher (2/5).  Cold, Rooibos tea, with mint and a stalk of lemongrass which sounded very healthy among their gourmet drinks.  Unfortunately, it was tasteless and the tea was not strong enough.  And look at the inconsistency of both glasses.  The other one was very light in color and no lemongrass stalk. We think the drinks are quite overpriced considering its quality.

Nevertheless, the service was good, they were very attentive to customers.  I guess, they believe that first impression lasts.

Price Summary (SGD)
1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines = $13.90
Chicken Pita with 1 sideline = $12.20
Gourmet Drinks = $3.90 - $4.50
GST and Serv Charge apply
*do take note they don't serve free water.  H2O bottles are sold for $2.50

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken
first floor, Bugis Junction
(beside Ajisen -> same lane as Fish &Co, TCC)
facing Iluma (Victoria Street)


  1. thanks for the review! I'm heading there this wk!
    Maybe I will try the hot version. hehe

  2. Hi Bella V! Great! Let's see if they remain consistent and hopefully, you get better drinks than what we had. Happy Eating!