Tuesday, May 4, 2010

K ki @ Ann Siang Hill: Finally...

This place was built by the love of Kenneth and Delphine.  This place have been haven of foodies love for food.  Last Saturday, this place was the witness to the love of HT couple's countdown to almost 1 year as happy hubby and wifey. 

The moment we enter the place on a hot, sunny Saturday, we can smell the air is filled with love and passion. Friends gathered together, foodies taking pictures and the cakes...
yes, not much selection that time, we thought we were early...

The place was already crowded and no tables left for hubby and me to enjoy our cakes.  Nevertheless, the location didn't hinder us from ordering and getting our first...of the most talked-about cakes of 2010.

We waited a few minutes for our take away treat (check out how it was nicely packed) and we've decided to sit at Ann Siang Hill Park to enjoy our sweets. 

Hubby got himself...
Mont Blanc -  a macho-looking chestnut-flavored cake but once you dig in, the fluffy oozing cream makes this cake a softy. 

I had...
Antoinette - sounds like a small girl, but gave a "big bang" after the first bite.  The light, creamy texture with the delectable mango puree hidden inside made me realize i'm not dreaming at all, yes, the cake was real, it's in front of me and i'm enjoying every portion of it.

We also took away this yummy-looking apple carrot sitting on this green, grassy cupboard.
Apple Carrot (4.75/5) - moist, chunky and really delicious.  The walnuts on top gave us a hint that we would get more inside and indeed, we didn't had a bite without walnuts in it.  The white cream has a bit of a zest taste that made this apple carrot fresh and unique.

Among the foodies, I might be one of the last to check out this place. Please check out MY DAILY DOSE, most of my favorite food bloggers have been there.  Harris had tried basically everything...he can eat a 'minimum' of 2 cakes in a row (wink). I didn't rate the cakes this time, rest assured, K ki uses the finest ingredients in their absolutely divine treat.

At last, we've landed in K ki...*bliss*  For HT couple, being in love doesn't matter how, where and when it happened...as long as the hearts continue to enjoy simple things....together.

Price Summary (SGD)
*cakes are priced about 7.50-8.50
Mont Blanc = $8.50
Antoinette  = $8.00
Apple Carrot = $16
*for take away, no GST or SVC charge

No. 7 Ann Siang Hill
*near to The Scarlet Hotel (walking distance from Maxwell Food Centre)
*once you see Ann Siang Rd then you're nearby (look out for the signs)
Opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Friday and Sunday: 11 am - 930 pm
Thursday and Saturday: noon till 4 pm


  1. haha finally I see you enjoyed the cakes there too!

    K ki has become a must go for cake lovers along with Tampopo. heh

  2. I want that apple carrot cake! Oh yes, you have to try tampopo's cakes! Scoop cake, sweet potato cake and cream puffs are my all-time favourite!

  3. Hi Xinli! Yes...i wanted to go back for the LRRH and Mona and Stawberry Tart.

    Hi Bella V, Tampopo Deli is my next sweets pig out :)

  4. oh my, such a sweet post! happy anniversary! :)

  5. Hi Harris! Hope you're enjoying your vacation in Italy. We're all waiting for your post :) Ciao for now.