Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Erich's Wuerstelstand: the true blue sausage!

Who said Chinatown only provides non-authentic items and traps for tourist?  Uh-uh, for HT couple, Wuerstelstand is the only place providing real, genuine sausages, (for our tastebuds, of course) in Singapore.

If we're craving for mighty, meaty sausages, we would stroll our way under the hot sun, to Chinatown to get our favorite, CURRYWURST.

Currywurst (5/5) - I've never really eaten a real currywurst before(wherever it exists), but HT hubby's hometown is near Germany, he said this is the authentic one.  We've been to German restaurants here and ordered their currywurst, and indeed, its not the same.  Curry sauce is usually made up of tomato sauce with a huge amount of curry powder.  I love how sweet and spicy blends together and how unique the sauce is...not your ordinary type of ketchup or chili.  Their tasty and meaty pork sausage will always be our choice (we don't like chicken version). 

With the generous amount of the sauce, HT hubby usually gets...

credits to Wuerstelstand blog

Semmeln Buns - Semmeln is a breakfast roll that is crunchy outside and soft on the inside.* HT couple differs in how we like this bread.  HT hubby likes this and he said it's the same one he gets in Europe (I believe him).  He usually would use this tough-looking bread to polish the curry sauce.  I'm not really a fan because it's too hard for me and usually I would end up with mouth wounds. 

If there's even a drop of the sauce left, i would hear this from hubby, "shame on you" to leave such a nice sauce...(sometimes, he ends up licking the plate hehe...good thing it's disposable).

I was not able to take a lot of pictures as I am very scared of the Austrian guy selling sausages.  No offense, i guess, just his strong features.  Anyway, I am still a regular customer and will always be.

Price Summary (SGD)
Sausages = about $3 - $5

Erich's Wuerstelstand
Trengganu Street
(Chinatown Night Market)


  1. Do you stand and eat? The place is so hot x.x

  2. HI there, yes we do...all for the love of currywurst *wink*

  3. is there beef currywurst?

  4. Hey Bunda777, I'm not sure if they serve beef...I think pork was dominating the sausage grill rack...but you can ask, maybe they're keeping it somewhere for special request :D