Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grill Manna: our kind of chicken

A kopitiam  post....

HTs are not very fond of putting ketchup on burgers and fries. But there is this type of ket-chup that is close to our heart. When we visited Manado, Indonesia, we just love all the dishes they served us. And their main ingredient was the KETJAP or KECAP MANIS (thanks Ice!).

Ketjap is known to the Dutch (Indonesian influence) cuisine. You can get this Indonesian soy sauce from sweet to slightly sweet or even the salty ones in the Netherlands grocery. We love the dark, sweet version of it. We don't cook at home so we're also regulars in several kopitiams in Singapore. And if you want to have a headstart of sweetness in your dinner, I would recommend one of the stalls in Food Junction, Bugis.

Grill Manna is one of the corner stalls in this food place. You can see how your fish or chicken is being grilled. What made it special is when uncle dips the meat in the hot, piping, ketjap, we just can't wait for our cheap but delicious meal.

Grilled Chicken Set - you can opt for boneless chicken but we prefer with the bones.  The chicken leg is always huge so you get a lot of white meat with it.  It goes with a pandan rice but you can advise uncle for plain rice and a thin slice of omelette.  Soup goes with this plate and is way better than the usual salt water you get in kopitiams. 

Most of the time, the chicken were still being grilled to perfection so I don't mind waiting for 5-10 minutes.  The meat was never overcooked or undercooked and was always tender.  The generous amount of ketjap is overflowing on the plate and look at the inner side of the chicken, how nicely it absorbed the ketjap as an added taste.

For a good chicken dinner that doesn't hurt our wallet , off we go to Grill Manna!

Price Summary (in SGD)
Grilled Chicken Set = $5
no GST no SvcChg

Food Junction
Bugis Junction, Level 3


  1. haha if you posted this before i visited batam on saturday, i'd have been able to get my hands on some of that ketchup!

  2. This is almost similar to the grilled chicken with kecap manis from Riverside Indonesian BBQ store at Plaza Singapura. Ketjap is same as kecap manis. (: Have you tried the chicken from that stall? No need go Indonesia or Batam!

  3. Hi Stargirl, hahaha, sorry i was late :)

    Hi Ice, so that's how its called here in Singapore. I thought it's the same spelling. :) I haven't tried the chicken at Riverside Indonesian BBQ as the queue is always very long. Do try this Grill Manna and compare :)

  4. Yeaps, I was thinking about kecap too!

    Anyway, I thought the grilled chicken xinli had at bonafacio last night was pretty good. Thank you once again for the recommendation! :)

  5. You're welcome Harris! Yes, that chicken is always nice :) If only I can get that in a kopitiam stall, i wouldn't mind having it often :)

  6. I am not sure if it is grill manna but there is a stall at the food court of plaza sing that sells this too. It's quite nice. Shall try your recommendation soon. Thanks.

  7. Hi PY, yes, and it's cheap too :) That's why it makes my wallet happy too :D Cheers!

  8. the chicken looks really tender! And there's pandan rice too! I've never tried it before. Is it part of Indonesian cuisine as well? I'll love to give it a try next time I'm at bugis! :D

  9. they also have this kind of chicken in Plaza Singapura

  10. Hi Bella! Yes do try it :) I agree with gourmandtales and the others that there is one at Plaza Singapura, if you're ok to queue up, then you can try that one too :)