Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tom's Palette: homemade ice cream

Hubby had a bad Monday...he was not informed that it was a holiday in their office and as workaholic as he is, he decided just to continue working (ai yoh).  As a good wife, I made sure I end up his day...nice, cold and sweet...

A treat from Tom's Palette!
For gloomy days, it's good to be surrounded by colors...and ice cream

love these colorful stools

We were lucky this time to be served by Chronos, the owner, himself.  He was so kind and nice to explain to us their ice cream, how it's thoroughly made and what are the ingredients they used in each flavor.  When we sat down, he even gave us water and informed us to let him know if we wanted to try other flavors of the day.

We had
Nuts and Such - peanut butter based ice cream with all nuts and such(mocha brownie cake batter),
Chocolate - super rich chocolate and simply the best chocolate ice cream!

with a spark as this was my cup..hehe

Chocolate Stout - the best of both world, chocolate and booze!
Salted Caramel Cheescake - one word 'heaven!'

Coffee, all-time Granny's Favourite and Pistachios are a few of my favorites.

What i like about their ice cream is - its smooth, creamy, not-so-sweet, natural and very strong
flavorful taste.  I don't feel guilty after I indulge a cup so often.  With my several visits, quality and quantity were always consistent.

They have other VERY unique flavors...Wasabi Lime (not bad at all), tea infusion - Earl Grey, Lavender, Oolong, alcohol-based - Passion Sake (yes, japanese sake) and up to a combination of Balsamic Vanilla...drop by at their shop for these flavors this week (of course, while stocks last!) check out their Calendar  in their website. You can try as many flavors as you want before you decide what goes in your cup...and yes, they don't frown even if you have tried more than 5.

Price Summary (SGD)
small cup : $2.80
medium cup : $3.20
large cup : $4.70
Takeaway tub: $12.50 (I ordered 2 last Christmas) :) 
*even if you order a small cup,
 you can have 2 flavors with no
 additional cost...what a value for

Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery
(across Ah Loy Thai)
Mon-Thurs : 12 nn - 930 pm
Fri-Sat: 12 nn - 10 pm
Closed on Sunday


  1. Tom's Palette is my favourite ice-cream palor. I totally agree with you on the chocolate ice-cream. Definitely the richest among all I've tried. Apple pie, seasalt caramel and chocolate are my favourite flavours. Basically I love all their ice-cream! haha. I should probably write a review for them too :)

  2. Hi Bella V :) Yes! so far the only ice cream that i don't mind pigging out...waiting for your lovely post!

  3. i love this ice cream as well