Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Al Forno East Coast: another favorite!

Where is your Italian comfort zone?

We have explored numerous food places here established by the Italianis and love each and every mouthful of our all-time favorite pizza and pasta.  But we still keep on going back to...Al Forno East Coast which was our first favorite pizzeria in SG. 

Here's why...

Pizza Con Carne (4/5) - love this bread topped with everything carnivorous!  Salami, ham, minced meat, sausages...this is always a choice if hubby and I can't decide which meat we wanted to sink our teeth in.  Each piece of meat had its distinctive taste that gave this pizza its flavor and aroma.  The tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese were just enough to complete this pizze.

Quattro Formaggi (4.5/5) - HT couple's preferred pizza!  Al Forno 4-cheese never fails us.  We would always have the same amount of of gorgonzola (our fave), emmental, parmesan and of course, the mozzarella.  The pizza was delicious, that usually, we eat it plainly without asking for additional topping of cooked ham (as we usually do).   A good pick for vegetarians and cheese lovers!

The pizza crust in Al Forno is neither too thin or too thick.  Just enough for every appetite.

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina (3/5) - made from their home made potato pasta with tomato and mozzarella sauce.  The sauce was creamy and tasty enough.  The gnocchi was a bit salty for my taste but i've read somewhere that salt plays an important part of making this cute-looking pasta.

Fusili Zucchini e Gamberetti (4.5/5) - do take note that the portion is good enough for 2.  This picture was my first serving on my plate.  (yes i had more *bliss*)   The rich, creamy tomato sauce made this pasta dish impressive.  The zucchinis were cooked just right.  It was not mushy and gave splendid flavor to the fusili.  There were 4 big pieces of prawns which was infused with tasty sauce.  This was the winner dish for the day.

Service was good, the waiters were attentive, kind and best of all, we got 1-for-1 for our pizza/pasta dishes!

Yes, HT couple, might have a different best by now, but we would still keep on coming back from this authentic italian restaurant...where our comfort is.

Do try their Spaghetti Cartoccio (seafood galore!) - their house best seller!

Price Summary (SGD)
Pizza Con Carne = $25
Quattro Formaggi = $23
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina = $23
Fusili Zucchini e Gamberetti = $21
GST and Serv Charge apply
*DBS 1-for-1 pizza/pasta every Mon-Thu (lunch and dinner)

Al Forno East Coast
400 East Coast Road
(intersection of East Coast &
Still Rd)
a few minutes away from Siglap Centre


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  2. Hi Sophia, yes you can! :) Thanks for reading Keep following!

  3. I like Al Forno but kinda forgotten abt it. Too many distractions in Singapore :P Thanks for the post!

  4. Hi PY! same here...with so many Italian restos popping out in Singapore, we tend to forget the good old ones. It was a pleasure to be back there. I think the 1-for-1 is quite a good deal! We ordered 6 pasta/pizza dishes, only for 100 sgd :) Thanks for droppin by, adding you to my daily dose, if you don't mind. Happy eating!