Monday, May 17, 2010

Time-Out: Jogjakarta food trip!

 Why traveling is always special?  For HT couple, the sudden diversion from our day to day lives give us the hype to explore.  We believe traveling broadens our minds and helps us understand how different and unique each society is. 

Last year, we took our time to roam around Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta) aka Jogja.  Jogja is located in the islands of Java Indonesia.  The name Jogjakarta was derived from the language influence of the Dutch, which ones colonized this country.  Jogja is the home of the famous Borubudur, a Buddhist temple which was abandoned during the 14th century as a rejection to their teachings to convert the Java people to Islam*.
And not far from Borubudur, stood, Prambanan, a Hindu temple dedicated to several gods.
Both temples are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of course, traveling won't be as fun for us without having a fair share of what the locals put in their tummies.

Herman, our tour guide was nice and we complemented each other, as he knows the best places to eat.

We had a stopover at...

We got the best....

Nasi Gudeg - their own version of chicken rice and a must try, consisting of warm rice, chicken pieces, boiled egg and the interesting portion of young jackfruit pieces.  The items were cooked in a very special thick coconut sauce.  I love the sweetness of the it with a hint of spicy flavor.  The jackfruit was sweet and soft enough which I think would be a good aphrodisiac.  The chicken pieces were cooked so tender that it melts in our mouth and full of taste.  I needed extra rice for this.

Ayam Goreng - the fried chicken of my choice.  I love the unique coating of this chicken.  It was crunchy and broken into small bits.  Despite of its oily state, it was very flavorful with the marinade of bumbu spicy mix.  Even the bones were tasty!

Sayur Lodeh - mixed vegetables in coconut milk stew.  This was pretty spicy for us, but it was delicious.

Next stop...

a MORE self service food court

We got ourselves...

Tempe, Taro leaves and some mixed veggies

take away box (fried pastries)

To wash off our throats...

Rose Syrup Coconut Juice and Chendol

Finally, we brought this back to Singapore so we can share the enjoyment we had at Jogja with our friends.

Bakpia - small, rounded pastry which is similiar to what we called 'hopia' or 'pia'.  Mung Beans, red, black and even chocolate!  You name it, you got it.

It was a lovely trip.  With our several visits in Indonesia, we've realized that their cuisines are always a delight to us, HT couple.

*Some information are taken from Wiki


  1. I've always wanted to try out Indonesian food. But I do not know where to start from!

  2. HI Bella V, Tambuah Mas might be a good start here in SG. :) Though they don't serve Nasi Gudeg. I've been looking for one in SG but i was not successful.

  3. fried chicken and fried pastries look sinfully good! and yes, tambuah mas is one of the better indon places around in sg :)

  4. Oh yeah, definitely, those fried items are sinfully good! I don't mind taking fried stuffs as long as they're delicious, so it's worth the cholesterol and calories *wink*