Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sofra: Turkish dining

After HT couple's eat out at Deli Moroccan, it's time for another Meditteranean fare.  Sofra, another interesting place at Beach Road (same building where Tom's Palette is situated), a 2nd floor dining that offers mid-range prices of Turkish cuisine.  It's nice to be early so we were directed to a table beside a full window (you can see the cars and the pedestrians crossing the street).   

The minimalist but cozy ambiance made us feel at home. 
This place won't be considered home...without good food...

Shish Kebap (3.75/5) - I grew up knowing kebabs only exist when meat is skewed on a stick that's why Shish always appeal to me compared to other kinds of kebab.  I was surprised to have this colorful plate that  looked very enticing and good for pictures (snap!).  This kebab was served with Turkish cracked wheat pilaf (rice-looking in orange) which was very tasty and redolent.  I kept on digging into this carbs and forgot that the main items were the the source of protein...the meat.

I ordered beef and got 2 cute knives or metal sticks(wish i could have kept one in my purse).

I got enough beef cubes on each stick.  The cubes were marinated that gave the meat its pleasant flavor.  Though it was a bit dry and well done, I still manage to finish my plate (yum).  Next time, I would advise the waiters to lessen the time of my meat on the grill.

Iskender Kebap (4.25/5) -  Hubby's order, first, the plating was nicely done (bravo!), I always find this dish a bit messy due to it's several items, bread under the thinly sliced doner kebabs topped with sauce and yogurt on the side.  The mixture of beef and lamb pieces were very tender and had less fats.  Hubby and I love the special sauce they used as it was full of flavor and went well with the meat.  I don't usually like yogurts on meat or rice, but this one complemented the sauce and the kebab.

The service was good and the waiters were very informative.  We will definitely be back for more. 

Price Summary (SGD)
Shish Kebab = $14.50
Iskender Kebab = $12.50
GST and Svc Charge apply
*we got 5-dollar voucher for the next visit

100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Shaw Towers
Opens: noon - 930 pm


  1. Hi,

    I been to SOFRA with my friends before, the swords or knives were the centre of attraction because we never seen food being served this way before heh.

    Food wise, I like the sides that go with the kebabs. Beverages doesn't seemed to be their strength.

    Are you interested in joining BellaV and (some of) theMOOSE for hi-tea at Lobby Bar? I don't have your email to contact you =/

  2. Hi Xin Li,

    Yes, i like those swords/knives :) They're cute!
    I didn't order drinks that time, I just had house water...but i guess, i made the right choice. hehe

    I'm interested, I've dropped you an email. Hope the schedule matches...can't wait