Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Town White Coffee: chicken rendang

HTs weekend routine is to jog around East Coast Park until we reach Playground@Splash for a nice Asian lunch.  And ang moh hubby, really prefers kopi-c than cappuccino.

Old Town has been a favorite of mine when i first had their Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun in Penang 4 years ago.  When they came to Singapore, we learn to love their...
Chicken Rendang (4/5) - small keropek or papadam or chips(however its called), sambal sauce, rendang curry chicken and of course, a cup of rice, all in a plate with brown paper...voila!  A perfect look of an asian dish.  Though we prefer, beef rendition, Old Town still met our expectations.  The spices used in the rendang blended well with the white meat.  It was not too spicy and the coconut milk sweetness counteracted the level of spice.  From the taste, it's well simmered and the chicken meat was very tender.  The sambal sauce was not too fishy and was a great partner with the white rice.

up close and personal with the chicken rendang

This would be our all-time favorite together with a cup of Old Town white coffee but we prefer the ones at East Coast Park than Suntec.

Price Summary (SGD)
Chicken Rendang = about 8 dollars
GST and Svc Chg apply

Old Town White Coffee
Playground@Splash and
Suntec (near Carrefour)


  1. I like the coffee but I feel they overpriced their main dishes! You should bring your hubs to some good nasi padang in the east area, I'm sure there's some of them good ones there :)

  2. I like old town. Love their sambal chilli :)

  3. Hi Harris! Do you know of specific place where i can bring hubby? I'm not very familiar as well with Nasi Padang places :D

    Hi PY! Same here...yummy yummy yummy sambal chili!

    I'm so fortunate that 2 of the OMY finalists are reading my blog and commenting! Hats off to you guys...keep it up!

  4. try sabar menati at kampong glam :)

  5. Hi Stargirl! Yes, i heard about this, but i think they close early like 3 pm?

  6. try glory at east coast road