Friday, May 7, 2010

Jumbo: crabs, crabs, crabs

When i first visited Singapore, this place was in my must-visit list.  Every tourist should have at least a claw of Jumbo's Chili Crab according to all tourist books/websites.  Unfortunately, due to restricted time and funds, i bid goodbye to my crabs and promise that I shall return.

After 2 years from my first visit in SG, I've landed at Jumbo in Clarke Quay.   I've also tried chili crabs at Long Beach and No Signboard and they're all quite good.  But  with that longing for Jumbo for years, this made hubby and I wanna go back again and again...

April was the month when we got 50% off for our crabs from Jumbo...This was one of the promo coupons they gave out with their desk calendar when you dine during Christmas or New Year.
Chili Crab (5/5) - the crab was fat enough to feed me and hubby.  The crab meat was juicy and not dried out.  The chili sauce was yummy and had lots of eggs with it.  I prefer it that way as it blends out the sharpness of the spicy taste.  The fried buns are a must when we have this hot but delicious seafood.  I love the new pan and the wooden plate they're using for this dish.

Hubby goes back to Jumbo for this...
Black Pepper Crab (H-> 5/5  W->3.5/5) - 2 ratings as this is one of the few that hubby and I disagree upon.  The crab is still moist despite of a lot of pepper cooked with it.  It's tasty but just too spicy for me (i prefer Eng Seng sweet, spicy ones).  If you're up for very, very peppery crab and you can hold your sneeze while eating it, then this would be a good choice.

I remember, i've taught 3 Dutchies on how to use chopsticks...not bad, huh?

 Some find eating crabs, too much fuzz and waste of time.  But hubby found the joy of cracking, dissecting and messing up with this lovely crustacean.

Price Summary (SGD)
*crabs are based on market price
estimate about 40-50 a kilo (average)
Tiger beer (mug): 5.80
GST and ServCharge apply

Jumbo Seafood Gallery
20 Upper Circular Road
#B1-44 to 48 The Riverwalk
Lunch: 12 to 230 pm
Dinner: 6 pm till midnight
*reservation is recommended

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