Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starbucks: healthy snack?

HT couple spends half of our weekend time in a coffee shop, reading newspaper and having our weekend dose of caffeine.  We usually settle in a place where they serve dry cappuccino without even asking for it (that means less milk).  Starbucks wouldn't come into our mind unless we want their refreshing green tea frap or their satisfying blueberry muffin.

One time, we decided to visit Starbucks, after a long time, so hubby queued up and that smart layout of coffee shops, wherein you passed by their sweets section before you can reach the cashier, made him get this sweet-looking pastry together with our supposedly 'just coffee' order for the day.

This crumbly, healthy-looking was very inviting for HT hubby.  It stood out among their pastries for the day so hubby just can't resist of getting one.  Plus, anything with oats sounds good for the body, isn't it? 

Berry Oat Bar - the verdict of my first was so good!  I love those crunchy bits on top with some oats which were chewy and just sent signal to my brain, 'what a delicious healthy snack!'.  The best of all were the whole berries scattered in the middle which were chunky and pops everytime you bite on it.   It was not too sugary but just a delight for our sweet tooth.

After that experience, we had another reason to spend our weekend here...maybe, we'll skip the coffee and just get our share of berries-and-oats-in-one.

Price Summary (SGD)
Berry Oat Bar = $5.30


  1. haha. starbuck's muffins and pastries are not as healthy as it seem. Looks are deceiving. hehe

  2. Hi there! you can say that again...i'm trying to convince myself hahaha...sort of an excuse.