Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loving Hut: love for food, love for health

This is another post without HT hubby.  We're not separating ways, so no worries :D.  It's just another dinner out with me and my friends.

I'm very thankful to my vegetarian friend, K.  She always introduce nice veggie places and made me appreciate of not having meat as part of my meal (yes, HT couple associates lunch and dinner with meat).  Check out K's previous recommendation:  YES!

This time, K brought me and our friends to this humble place in Suntec.  We were given a back-to-back menu so it was easy to decide what to order.

Spring Rolls (4/5) - this starter was the favorite for the night!  It's crispy skin made this dish such a delight though it was a bit on the oily side.

Rainbow Rice (4/5) - we ordered a plate of this for sharing.  The rice can be eaten alone (without any dishes) as it's tasty enough and you get all kinds of veggies mixed with it.  This was served with a clear soup for ease of eating.

Tofu Claypot (4/5) - this was our first choice.  Being in a veggie place, we prefer those real veggies used in a dish instead of mock meat.  Broccoli, cauliflowers, carrots, was pleasingly healthy and very delicious.  The veggies were simmered in a thick sauce making it tasty and lovely.  It's not mushy or overcooked so we were still able to hear that crunch in our every bite.

Au Lac Pho (3/5) -their vietnamese pho, which had abundant celery and basil leaves, however, the soup was still watery and bland.  The noodle was just ok, and I guess, I prefer my pho with meat.

 Lemongrass Curry (3.5/5) - the curry sauce was a nice partner with the rice.  Though, i was not able to taste the lemongrass at all, it was still tasty.  The bulk of this curry bowl was just potatoes.  It would be great if there would be mixture of other veggies.  I'm sure it would made this dish more satisfying.

Overall, it was a great no-frills and healthy dinner, a perfect night catching up and exchanging laughs with friends. 

Price Summary (SGD)
Spring Roll = $3.80
Au Lac Pho = $4.80
Braised Tofu Claypot = $8.80
Lemongrass Curry = $4.50
Rainbow Rice = $4.80
NO GST and Svc Chg

Loving Hut
#03-016 Suntec
Opens Daily 10 am - 930 pm


  1. This place didn't leave much of an impression on me, in fact I was actually trying my best to eat it up... Guess I'm too much of a red meat carnivore haha.

    Might try other dishes if I return next time heh.

  2. Hi Harris! Well, i guess i have a very low expectations when it comes to vegetarian food. So if it taste normal, then it's ok for me. And i'm very much a meat lover too! I didn't know you don't eat pork at all. I never notice that in your blog (silly me).

  3. Red meat ie. BEEF is perfect for me hehe ;) then there's always chicken and lamb, and of course, seafood :)

  4. if you love vegetarian food. Do try out livin greens at beach road where they serve fantastic gluten-free vegetarian food. And also new green pasture cafe at fortune centre. I love their sushi rolls and soba salad!

  5. Hi Bella V, oh good! This is walking distance from my place. Too bad, everytime i'm there, I get tempted to eat pork (Bak Kut Teh) huhuhu :)