Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Les Bouchons: Whatta COW!

HT couple have passed by this place on a Saturday morning on our way to K ki.  We find the place interesting in this nice vintage street of Ann Siang Road.  With so many places we wanted to try in a span of our last 2 months in Singapore, I was fortunate to be invited by friends and experience the dinner delight at Les Bouchons.

It was easy to choose what to have.  The menu list was quite short but with good choices.  Les Bouchons is not your typical French place, offering small amount nicely plated dishes.  It offers the rougher side of France, the steak frites.

We were a big group, and while waiting for others to arrive...we got this complimentary bread basket.

It looked very fresh with a few butter packs hidden in between the bread.  It was pretty tough at the outside but I was a bit disappointed that it was not soft enough on the inside.  But hey, it's free and we got a big full basket to ease up our hunger.  And a preparation for...

Whatta Ribeye Steak with Vigneron Butter!!!

I had mine cooked medium rare and it was done as what I have requested for.  Though I wouldn't mind a little bit more juicy.  The steak was very tender even for the well done.  It's not bland but it was seasoned with rock salt, which i was able to hear a few cracks in some of my bites.  It was good but not the best.  I still prefer  The Prime Society.

 Size wise, it was really humongous!  We all decided to skip beef for a couple of days.

We also got...
A bowl of fresh green salad with house dressing
unlimited frites! (Fries)

They were nice to ask us if we want refill of fries (even if our plate was still full of potato strings).  The fries was not great but no worries, it's not the Mcdonald's type.  It was a bit on the sweet side which i think was a good munch break from the meaty taste.
They were very generous with different kinds of mustard and mayo(take note: free of charge!) i.e. bearnaise, grounded mustard, normal mayo, dijon mustard and horseradish.  The waitress was boasting about the homemade bearnaise (too bad mayo-based sauces are not my best friend) so I settled with the wholemeal ground mustard. 

This 20-seater restaurant didn't drive us away even if we stayed there for more than 3 hours occupying half of their place.  The service was pretty good and the waitresses were very knowledgeable of the menu, and even a bit of French.

For a romantic dinner, do reserve the only table that's beside the window. *wink*

Price Summary (in SGD)
Main Course: 32.80
with GST and SvcChg

Les Bouchons
7 Ann Siang Rd
Lunch: 12 nn - 2 pm
Dinner: 7 pm - 10 pm
Saturday: 7 pm - 10 pm

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