Monday, June 28, 2010


This is the last post that I would be writing physically in Singapore.  Looking back 4 1/2 years ago when I moved to SG, I wasn't even sure if I can survive living away from mom and dad. I remember, that I was telling myself that I would be back in the Philippines after a year of stay in SG.  Time flew fast, and I've visited Philippines several times, but I've stayed put for almost 5 amazing years in this lovely country. 

And what made my life in SG interesting...were my friends who have:

shared cups of coffee,
    indulged in slices of cakes,
          slurped chili crabs,
               enjoyed canteen lunches
                      ate plates of chicken rice,
                                     loved hokkien mee,
                                         dipped naan in curries,
                                                      divided a pizza plate,
                                                                   sliced fillet mignon,
                                                                            gorged on burgers,
                                                                              circled a fork for pasta,
                                                                                     sipped hot bak kut teh,
                                                                                              sizzled by sambal kangkong
                                                                                                       took pictures and talk about food...

while sharing stories and laughters with yours truly.

As we bid goodbye, Singapore will always be a part of me and hubby...the place of birth of the

'till then!

*some photos are taken by my group of know who you are...*wink*


  1. Nice! I'm glad you enjoyed your longer-than-expected stay in Singapore! :)

  2. Take care Loraine, will miss you lots! Hope to see you in Holland one day! :)

  3. Take care Loraine, sure fun to have met you at the last outing. But as they say, there is no eternal goodbye and I'm sure our paths may cross sometime.

    Keep blogging and I'll read your posts on home-cooked food and food found around Netherlands =)

  4. Bon Voyage Loraine! If you ever have the chance to drop by Singapore again, do remember to look us up! We will revisit your old favourites with you all over again! =)

    Looking forward to your Netherlands posts already. Take care!

  5. All the best and take care!

  6. Take care, Loraine.
    Glad to have met you in person before you flew off.

    Keep us hungry with your Netherlands posts =)

  7. Bye, Loraine! =) Keep the spirit of food blogging with you wherever you are. Looking forward to your posts!

  8. hello from the UK! hope you've settled down fine (:

  9. Sweetie =) Take care and enjoy ur new place!!