Sunday, June 6, 2010

The French Stall: Bonjour @ Little India

HT wife got a new job and hubby wanted to get her a gift for her first day (sweet).  After a stressful day in the office, they happily held hands and walked from their place to Little India, to hunt for a new laptop bag.  (new job <=> new bag)

HT hubby also can't wait to dine at their favorite Indian restaurant in Singapore which is situated at the busy Serangoon Road.  On their way, they stumbled into this unpredictable place.  Hubby remembered that he had seen this place years back when he was driving by with his French mate and they made a pact of trying it out but it never happened.  For HT wifey, she didn't mind checking it out and she had her camera with her that night *bliss*.  A lot of people were already having their early dinner, then it must be good. 

HT couple also known as 'we', were directed to a table and were given a menu inserted in a sliding folder.  The laidback atmosphere made the place very inviting.  There were a mixture of different diners, from office workers to a group of tourists, i'm already starting to love this place. 

To cool down ourselves, we got...
House Wines - for less than 10 dollars, we consider this a good value.  What impressed me was they even have different types of house red (Bordeaux, Cabernet, etc) and white (Chardonnay, Blanc, etc).  According to hubby, even the wine by the bottle are reasonably priced.  Our Bordeaux and Chardonnay were alright for the price and a good pair with our main dishes.

Onion Soup (4/5) - hubby's favorite soup so he immediately ordered one.  It didn't have a super strong onion taste (which is a preference) despite of the numerous onion strips, but tasty nevertheless.  The brown consistency soup was neither too thick nor too thin.  The toasted breads with cheese made the soup delightful.

Beef Bourguignon (5/5) - both of us love this main dish.  The thick, rich, red wine sauce gave this stew its sumptuous taste.  Being an Asian, I wouldn't mind having a serving of rice (my Asian version).  The beef looked really black-ish as it was well simmered and infused with its sauce.  Meat's tenderness remained and we both concluded that this was one of the best dishes we had in Singapore.  *bravo* If we had had a more private seating, hubby would have licked his plate clean, that is how good it was.

Sole Fillet in White Wine Sauce with Artichoke Heart (4/5) - I prefer something healthy but yummy so I had this white meat which I didn't expect so much as usually fish fillets when not breaded, doesn't give any wonder.  After all, I was more interested in the aritchokes.  I was surprise with how they made the fish flavorful.  It had enough seasoning and was very juicy.  The sweet sour taste of both white wine and artichoke respectively gave this dish its twist and uniqueness.  The bed of veggies with mushrooms was a good partner to my seafood.

An old typewriter, an antique barbecue pit as well as a vintage oil lamp gave this place its nice touch.   

Definitely, a good place if you're up for a sumptuous dinner without your high heels or leather shoes.

Price Summary (SGD)
French Onion Soup $5.80
Beef Bourguignon $20.80
Sole Fillet $19.80
House wine (per glass) $7.30
*GST and SvcChg apply

The French Stall
544 Seranggoon Road
(walking distance from Farrer Park)
Tue-Sun : 3 pm - 6 pm
branch: 83 Macpherson Lane


  1. Congrats on a new job! And that's very sweet of your hubby to prepare such a nice gift to you :)

  2. i always thought that the french stall was a fancy restaurant. never imagined that it's actually located in such casual surroundings!

  3. i think i'm more enamoured about the sweetness behind this food post, awwww :)

  4. Congrats and have fun with your new job

  5. Congatulations on the new job! Kiss Mercedes

  6. Congrats on your new appointment!

  7. i'm gonna echo everyone else: Congrats!
    the beef bourguignon sounds very tempting! and it also reminds me of the movie julie and julia :)

  8. Hello fellow food lovers! Thanks for your warm congratulations :) I'm touched *sniff*

    Indeed, that night was sweet and the beef bourguignon was a great addition. :)

    Hey Mercedes, Thanks for the greeting! I'll see you soon in NL! :)