Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sugar Granny Cafe: sweet bloggers meet up

I might not be with my hungry trotting husband in this food trip but I was fortunate enough to meet up with 2 hungry food bloggers as we trot around Tanjong Pagar/Outram area.  Meet them here in action.

At first, I was starstruck.  Harris as I am already a big fan of him for years now and Xinli , who's very talented and creative, making food blog even more interesting.  Nevertheless, they both look very young (I look like an auntie beside them hehe).

Food bloggers meet up, i guess, doesn't end in just having one meal together...i'll skip the dinner for now (wait for our post!) and jump to the desserts.

We've been planning for the meet up dinner and Harris has recommended Sugar Granny for our after-dinner sweets.  Try and check out what's Muah Chee.

At first, I wanted a bowl of yam paste.  Too bad, they already run out of it so i've decided to get...
Sugar Granny Icy Swirl (3.5/5) - when we were placing our orders, Xinli helped me to ask the waitress (in Mandarin) on what this drink contains as they just mentioned in their menu that it's their specialty.  However, the waitress didn't know how to explain but it didn't stop me from ordering this surprise drink.  And guess what? It didn't disappoint me.  It was passion fruit based, with real fruit kernels, small pieces of nata de coco and aloe vera bits.  It was sugary sweet, a good way to end up the long weekend.

Mango Sago - Xinli's choice for the night.  I love the texture of how smooth and refreshing it was.  I only had a spoon of it so do wait for Xinli's review at theMoose.

Peanut Paste - Harris owned this bowl that night.  At first we had doubts that it might be like eating peanut butter out of a bottle.  It was nice of Harris to share it with us.  Its smooth and just right thickness made me like this not-so-sweet peanut bowl.  And, not a hint of peanut butter taste at all.  I think I'll grab my own the next time.
Slim Chendol - intrigue on how this became non-fattening as per the menu and why Harris has decided to get this instead of a cup of kopi?  Find out at the much-awaited post of Harris at theSimplestAphrodisiac.  Special thanks to Xinli for this creative shot idea. *wink*

To sum it up, the desserts were as sweet as my companions.  We were chit chatting the whole evening, about food, about life, about us...basically just about anything.  There were no dull moments.  Thanks again guys for the time.  Hope to see you both very soon.

Price Summary (SGD)
Sugar Granny Icy Swirl = $2.50
Mango Sago = $3.50
Peanut Paste = $3.00
Slim Chendol = a little bit over $2

Sugar Granny Cafe
5 Teo Hong Road
walking distance from Outram Park (NEL exit)
Sun-Thu: 1 pm - 11 pm
Fri- Sat: 1 pm - 1 am


  1. i hope to meet you someday too, perhaps we can make an aunty-and-niece-lookalike pair then haha! when are you leaving?

  2. Ha ha I am the auntie so no guts to meet these people yet ;)

  3. Hi Stargirl, sure we can meet up :) I should wear something that would make me look young then after your hint of auntie and niece pair. I'm leaving end of this month :( *sigh*

    Hi PY, maybe 2 aunties hanging out would be nice. Just like most uncles in the hawker centre. *wink*

  4. me too, i want to meet up with fellow food enthusiast:)

  5. I will join you guys next time round! :)

  6. when will be free to meet up? you can email me at :D

  7. I'll join you guys the next time around too1!

  8. Glenn and Bella V! We miss you that night :) Hope to see you guys soon!

    Gourmandtales, are you based in the Philippines?

    Stargirl, sure, i'll shoot you an email. I'm just a bit busy lately, but we can work things out for sure. *wink*

  9. Why starstruck hahahaha!

    Hope to see you soon, ou will be off for your shortgetaway soon right? Have XL contacted you over the lobby bar one?

  10. hahahaha you know why i got starstruck :D

    XL has contacted me already :) I'll see you this Saturday! :)