Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dome Cafe

My twin sister and I patronize Dome Cafe in the Philippines.  We love spending a lazy quiet afternoon while having good cups of coffee, delish sandwiches and chit chat until we get tired without noticing the number of hours hanging out in the same place. 

As loyalists of Food for Thought and Kopitiam at Bras Basah, we never thought of dropping by at Dome Cafe at the Singapore Arts Museum.  Until, we got a 1-for-1 pizza/pasta coupon from a credit card company, Hubby and I decided to stop by.  (we're always on-the-go for any promotions :D)

It was a hot sunny Sunday after church so this was the best time to experience Dome (just 50 steps away).  It was surprising how busy it was.  There were a lot of Ang moh families having their brunch.  So we were lucky to secure a two-seater table.

I based my order with the pictures in the menu as first timer.  (plus, the pasta picture looked very enticing).

Seafood Tomato (3.75/5) - in the menu, they gave 3 kinds of pasta for you to choose from.  I was so excited to get the squid ink linguine, unfortunately, i was only given by the waitress 2 options: penne or spaghetti. (maybe because it was a promotion or maybe they run out of it: I didn't really came to know what was the reason, as the waitress was pretty grumpy that time: I guess, too much work on an Sunday morning) And so,  I chose penne to go with the seafoods in my plate.  The pasta was actually very tasty.  There were lots of garlic spread all over that gave the pasta its aroma.  The tomato sauce were made from fresh tomatoes, not from cans, that shared its tanginess to the dish.  There was a fair share of squid, shrimps and fish slices that made me enjoyed my lunch.

Pepperoni Pizza (2.75/5) - We didn't expect so much of the pizza.  It came a bit late and was overcooked.  The pizza dough was like foccacia which was ok.  The pepperoni were burnt but I kinda like its crispiness.  The good thing about this pizza was the smothered mozzarella on top.

Macchiato (3.75/5) - When a full glass of Ikea in a glass holder was placed on our table, we had doubts if it  was a macchiato.  Macchiato for HT couple is a coffee shot with lots of foam, but Dome's version was drowned with milk.  Then we came to know this is the Singapore style of drinking macchiato as per the waiter ( correct me if i'm wrong guys.Looks more like a latte to us).  Surprisingly, even if there was a lot of milk, the aromatic caffeine stood out.

The service was a bit of disappointment as the staff can't keep up with the numerous customers.  Overall, it was ok. 

Price Summary (SGD)
Seafood Tomato : $13.50
Pepperoni Pizza: $12
Macchiato: 5.50
GST and SC apply

Dome Cafe
Singapore Arts Museum
(Queen Street side)


  1. Gather from your previous post that you are leaving sg soon. Sigh I really enjoy your sg food posts. All the best and keep writing :)

  2. HI PY, Thanks for the nice words... :) I'll try my best to sustain this blog, wherever it brings HT couple.

    Definitely, eating would be part of the journey. :)