Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morton's The Steakhouse: a dinner to remember

Leaving Singapore soon gave HT couple a reason to enjoy often, the wonderful eating places of Singapore.  For fine dining, Morton's has been the talk of the town for years but it was never a part of our list to dine.  Until recently, we had the reason to spend and celebrate...

Reservation at Morton's is quite convenient and easy.  You can go mobile or do a few clicks online.  I did the online reservation and the available timings for the date of my choice were shown on the screen.  I was able to plan wisely so hubby and I would have a perfect night.  Its famosity encourages diners to do an early reservation especially for 7 pm or 730 pm slot.  (I did my reservation 2 weeks before the date).

The moment we enter the place, we were welcomed warmly.  The place was pretty dark and the lamps gave brightness to the place.  There were no windows but it was not claustrophobic.  We were accompanied to our table by our wonderful waitress, April (she's a Filipina too)!

She let us settled down, gave us time to browse the menu and informed us that she would be back to introduce Morton's menu for the night. (exciting!)

Surprisingly, it's not the normal introduction of just memorizing the menu, and understanding each component of the dish...I was amazed when a cart came containing the huge items i've never seen before.

i don't think lobstie liked being shown around while he's tied up. :)
Yes, even onions and asparagus were big!
a shot from afar by hubby, showing how we should know every ingredients that goes to our plates and our tummies.

During the reservation, i already informed them that we are having the Steak & Seafood Menu.  95 SGD per person without drinks and dessert. It was quite expensive but looking into the details of the items that were part of this menu, it was really worthwhile.

complimentary: we got this enormous onion loaf which was very savory and addictive.  Softie on the inside but a toughie outside.  We tried to control ourselves from indulging it as we might get too full.  I saw another table had theirs packed in a brown bag.  As for ours, we managed to wipe it out.

For our first course:

We chose Morton's Salad (4/5).  HT couple love bleu cheese plus hubby likes anchovies so it was a perfect combination.  The cheese was not too strong, just light and gave the greens its taste.  An anchovy strip was added to break the taste especially for people who get overwhelm easily with strong cheeses. 

For second course:

Single Cut Fillet (5/5) - The steak comes with bearnaise but we didn't bother using it.  The meat was succulent.  There's no hint of salt nor pepper on the steak but it was able to provide that meaty richness taste.  HT couple believes that good quality steak doesn't need to be cooked with a lot of seasoning and can be eaten alone without being bland.  And this falls into that description.

 The menu comes with a decent size of Lump Crab Cake (5/5).  Hubby divided the piece and shared half to me.  The crab cake was lovely as its made up of big chunks of crab meat fillet.  It's like eating a crab leg without having the fuss of breaking the shell.  The sweetness and juiciness of the crustacaean meat was unforgettable.  Hubby wouldn't mind having another piece :).

We had gigantic grilled asparagus(4/5) as our side dish.  You can opt for potatoes if you want some carbs to go with your protein. (sorry, no pictures, i was smart not to charge my camera battery hihihi)

Since we were having such a fun night and this would be our first and last to dine at Morton's before we permanently leave SG, we maximize it by ordering:

Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream (5/5) - it was indeed legendary!  The best we ever had!

Oozing rich, strong, chocolate once we dig in from the inside.  The sponge cake, topped with numerous raspberries was moist and soft.  We totally forgot we're not supposed to eat sweets as HT couple is supposed to be on a diet (which never happens).  But with sweets like this, diet doesn't ring a bell anymore.

They added a candle with our cake to wish us good luck with our new life outside Singapore.  (how sweet).

 It was wonderful of April to inform us that the serving for the steak and seafood combo was really huge and she suggested we only get one for me and hubby to share. She even gave us the option to upgrade our steak from single cut to double cut for additional 15 dollars so we can have the normal serving for mains. From 190 sgd to 110 sgd for 2 pax, looking at hubby's eyes, yes, we definitely go for sharing. 

There are a few restaurants that take into account the contentment and enjoyment of the diners.  Having good food, good service, surrounded by lovely people, giving the diners' money worth...I do agree that Morton's is still the #1 best restaurants in Singapore (as per the tripadvisor).

I highly recommend this place for a romantic and hassle-free evening.

Price Summary (SGD)
Steak and Seafood Combo = 95 sgd per head
*can share with your loved ones with a steak upzise = 55 sgd per head (not bad!)
Morton's Hot Chocolate Cake = 25 sgd (expensive but worth it)
*Wine selection is quite expensive (half bottles are available)

GST and SvcCharge apply

Morton's The Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental Singapore
4th Storey, Raffles Ave.
Mon-Sat: 5 pm - 11 pm
Sun: 5 pm - 10 pm


  1. yup calories should be splurged on only good food... i must agree there's nothing like wonderful service to complement a delectable meal! wish you all the best in your new life outside singapore (and packing haha)!

  2. gosh loraine, i am so so jealous. i've been wanting to eat morton's from like... the longest time ever but have yet to find the time to go!

  3. Hi Stargirl! Yes, indeed, indeed, indeed! (to all the things you have said) :D. Packing was really tiring...30% more to go when I'm back in SG.

    Harris! I remember the last time you ask me about Morton's and Prime Society...and the verdict: I go for Morton's! :) I suggest you reserve your dining experience at Morton's with a loved one. :)

  4. oysterdiaries: you are leaving sg? Good luck with everything and continue to post all the great eats you have whereever you are alright! :D

  5. i didn't know there is a Morton's in SG! I love love love Morton's... Steak!!!!!

  6. between... when I went to Macau, the Morton's there even gave me a souvenir like a frame with the picture of us and the waiters. :)

  7. i totally agree with you that "good quality steak doesn't need to be cooked with a lot of seasoning and can be eaten alone without being bland." And a excellent dessert to round up such a memorable meal in Singapore. Sad to know that you'll be leaving. When will you be back?

  8. i love Morton's! but it's only once in a blue moon dining there, expensive!! :(

  9. Hi Oysterdiaries, yes I'm leaving SG soon :( I'll try to post more eats but would be more on home-cooked food and my eat outs when travelling of course :) Thanks for your wishes.

    Hi ^-^, they took our pictures as well. We have the same as what you have.

    Hi Bella V! Yes, the steak and dessert was fantastic. Glad we chose Morton's as one of our last dinners in SG. Same here..I'll miss SG so much. I'm settling outside SG for good, but hubby was nice, after 1 year, if i didn't like it, SG here we come (again)!

    Hi Jaime, true, that's why it was our first and last :) But glad to experience dining with them.

  10. mortons is really up there in the steak category. galing