Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Irvin's: handsome cze char in SG

Eating is such a wonderful hobby.  It is better enjoyed when I shared the said hobby with my hubby.  And it is at its best when we extend it to our buddies. 

An all-time friend and eating partner of HT couple, Lis has recommended Irvin's for a very long time.  We just didn't get the chance of trying it out as our other friend, Maj, always invite us to a no-frills but restaurant quality home-cooked food (still can't forget the tacos...yum).  Until, a very close friend, Cin, visited Singapore which lead us to an opportunity of visiting Irvin's.

Smacked at the corner of River Valley and Zion Road, this place is pretty good if you want to get away withe the bustling Orchard. 

Irvin's is known for it's salted egg crab.  I only had this type of crab once, somewhere in Ghim Moh Rd (I forgot the name of the place) which was pretty good so I can't wait to check out Irvin's version. 

Without further delay...

what we've been waiting for...

Salted Egg Crab (3.75/5) - HT couple is not used to seeing a crab swimming in a yellow sauce.  We ordered 1 small crab, 4 of us to share, and just to try it first, since hubby is not fond of eating eggs per se and our visitor might find it a bit strange.  Surprisingly, everyone loved it.  We licked our hands and crab shells to make sure there are no traces of sauce left.  I scooped the sauce and placed it on top of my rice and enjoyed every mouthful of it.  Though, i think the crab was quite overcooked and a bit watery making it difficult to eat as the meat were sticking to its shell.  Nevertheless, this was such a good value for money if you wanted to take a break from your usual chili crab just like us.

Black Pepper Crab - hubby believes one of his missions is to try all the black pepper crabs around the island that's why he was given opportunities to stay in Singapore (aside from meeting his long time partner *wink*).  The black pepper version of Irvin's is quite different as we're used to the dry type.  This was a bit moist like Eng Seng, but oily and veeeeerrrry spicy.  And I think it was too salty for my taste too.  But hubby contradicted me and said he haven't had this tasteful black pepper crab in his quest.  The ample curry leaves add a distinct variety to the usual black pepper crab.So for now, this is his #1. 

Claypot Pumpkin Prawns (4/5) - I always love items in claypots.  With my grandma's lovely cooking, I always thought of dishes cooked in claypots are always yummy and more savory.  And this tough claypot dish didn't disappoint us.  The prawns were soaked in a claypot full of pumpkin (sauce/soup).  The sweetness of pumpkin with some curry leaves complemented well enough and gave those small prawns its kick.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice (2/5) - Nothing special...just oily rice with shrimp bits.

Special Pork Ribs (3.75/5) - The sauce was so delicious.  We asked the waiter what do they use and they said its Irvin's little secret.  The outer most of each meat was fried and crunchy but they were able to maintain the tenderness of it. 

It was such a lovely night with good food, good companions and good service.  I would say dining at Irvin's was a value for money.  Just to share my experience, I called up for reservation, and I was welcomed enthusiatically by the one who answered the phone.  The waiter was such a dear as well, giving suggestions to suit for everyone. 

Though, i forgot to order beef hor fun *sniff*

Price Summary (SGD)
Black pepper (kg) = $18
Salted Egg (kg) = $22
Pumpkin Prawns (small) = $12
Yang Zhou (small) = $8
drinks @ $1.50 ea
wet towels @ $0.30 ea
NO GST and Svc Chg

Irvin's Seafood Cze Czar
397 River Valley Rd
opens daily: 11 am - 1 am


  1. I've had this before - very nice my place. I think it's a place of hits and misses, I guess.

  2. Hi Glenn, I totally agree with you. See you on Saturday! :)

  3. hello! Greetings from Irvin's Live Seafood House (Though it has been 2 years). I was browsing the net & chance upon this wonderful review you guys have done for us! Thank you very much!

    Anyway, just in case you guys would like to visit again, we have shifted!
    Our current location is at Upper Thomson Road, No 4 Jalan Leban (s) 577548
    Refurnished, and now airconditioned!

    See you around!
    & did I mention that all the food in your blog is making me hungry? Haha!

    Irvin's Live Seafood house

  4. Hi Steph! Thanks for dropping by! Thanks for letting us know your new location. We'll drop by if we get to visit Singapore again, for sure. :)