Friday, July 2, 2010

Royal China: dimsum with Le Petit Connoisseur

I might be at the different side of the world, but my palate is still craving for Singapore food. :) 

I just can't help but to blog about my wonderful meet up with Jer Lin of Le Petit Connoisseur .  The meet up was not easy.  I came back from my Philippines trip and we didn't have much communication. We didn't exchanged phone numbers and still, we even decided to meet up at the control station of the MRT. (silly us)  With so many people waiting for somebody, yes we end up looking for each other until we met up at Raffles Hotel itself.

 Royal China, a famous restaurant in London serving exquisite dimsum and chinese cuisine.  It was a pleasure to dine with Jer Lin in their Singapore branch at Raffles Hotel.

I always loved dimsum.  But I never blogged about it.  (Jer Lin noticed that) That's why i never thought twice when she mentioned this place.  

And also, HT couple considers dim sum as adiet food without sacrificing our staples like meat and prawns.

Therefore, this item is a must!

Har Gaw (5/5) - Jer lin and I digged into this dimsum as soon as it was served (of course after taking pictures) so we can enjoy it while it's hot.  We both agree that it was pretty good.  There were 2 tasty medium-sized curly shrimps, nicely cooked and sealed in a wrapper.  The wrapper was a bit on its thick side but was not sticky.  It was delicious that soy sauce or chili sauce were not necessary.

Baked Barbecued Pork Puff (5/5) -  lovely char siew puff!  The yummy puff was soft and flaky which reminds me Portuguese egg tart crust that I love.  The char siew had this fine but not overwhelming sweetness.  It was nice of Jer lin, to offer me the remaining piece...yes i had 2! *bliss*

Mango Salted Egg Steamed Bun (5/5) - it might sounded a bit weird combination, but this utterly unique pao got 4 thumbs up from us!  The mango's sweetness and egg's saltiness gave this dimsum its kickin' delectable taste.  No wonder it deserved nice cup cakes wrap to hold this perfect pao!

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (5/5) -  I've missed the dumpling festival but we made sure we get this version of Royal China.  The sticky rice has a good texture when chewed.  The combination of mushrooms, carrots and meat added some taste.  What I like about this was the not-so-heavy rice and more meat fillings.

Crispy Taro Roll with Scallops (5/5) -  Jer lin was looking for something with bak kwa, but the waitress informed us that they don't have it but they have the same with scallop in it.  We didn't think twice of ordering it and it didn't fail us.  We love the crispy pastry of the roll and small chunks of sweet taro made this dimsum delish.  The scallop balanced out the taste of the fried threads and the taro.

Baked Egg Custard Tart (3/5) - I was not a fan of this tart maybe because I was already full or I had a preference of egg tarts that you can get in Macau.  Nevertheless, this was good enough to end up our wonderful meal with a dessert.

I was able to witness the passion of young Jer Lin has in good food.  (just looking at her expression after taking each bite).  I can't get enough of thanking her for suggesting Royal China and having lunch with me on my last few days in SG.  It was worth remembering. 

Thanks Jer Lin!  Keep in touch!

Price Summary (in SGD)
Prawn Dumpling (Har Gao) - $4.00 - 4 pcs.
Barbecued Pork Puff -  $4.00 - 3 pcs.
Mango and Salted Egg Bun - $4.00 - 3 pcs.
Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf - $4.00 - 2 pcs.
Crispy Taro roll (with scallops) - $4.80 - 3 pcs.
Egg Custard Tart  - $3.60  - 3 pcs.
Tea @ $2 per pax
*GST and SVC charge apply

Royal China @ Raffles Hotel
2nd floor, Raffles Hotel Arcade
1 Beach Road, Singapore


  1. Haiyo! But luckily the two of you found each other in the end :)

    I love dimsum too! And i like the interior of Royal China. Its shade of blue reminds me of something ;)

  2. Reminds you of something...hmmm :) Can you share? hahaha just kidding

    Yeah, i'm already missing it, just looking at the pictures...sniff

  3. Sure! Tiffany and Co? Right right? Haha :P

  4. YEah you're right! Royal China need to add jewelries so they can be affiliated with Tiffany & Co :) hahaaha But they must add a security guard then :)

  5. mango custard pau! they probably added that in...the last i went they didnt have that! :) reminds me..time for a revisit! royal china's always a favourite of mine.

  6. That Mango Salted Egg Pau was really nice! YOu should try it :)

  7. Must have been a lovely meetup. (:

  8. Almost everything full marks! Wow! I'm hungry nowwwww... I'm always hungry la, but more so now.

  9. Hi Ice, it surely was a wonderful meet up :)

    Harris, yes! so far the best I had...and I think price wise, it's ok...hahaha Harris is always hungry....tsk tsk...