Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Utrecht, Netherlands: Dutch Snacks 101

When I was young, whenever I get stressed out or feel down, I usually get food from McDonalds or Jollibee (MacD's Philippine counterpart) which i consider as my 'fastfood to lean on'.  I really didn't mind biting on burgers while the oil rush over my chin or gorged fries until my lips look like I drank a bottle of oil.  The wonders of being young (i miss that).

As far as my knowledge about the Dutch, they didn't grew up with a clown in yellow waving to them (though old McDonald is quite popular especially in Amsterdam).  Aside from eating bread and a carton of milk, they had their moments of binging.  Dutch are unique in many ways and that includes their comfort junk food.

HT couple were supposed to be on a diet during our first few weeks in NL.  But, as promised, HT hubbie would get his dose of oil just to ease out his Dutch food craving.  So, one Sunday, I hopped onto his bike and we cycled towards his favorite snack bar.  Snack bar is what they call their fastfood. 

As a 2nd timer, I enjoyed again the snacks and here are the must-try:

KROKET - you just can't leave this country without trying it! A combination of mashed potatoes, minced meat, usually beef (but also available with veal, chicken or shrimps) in a stew-like consistency encased in breadcrumbs then deep fried.  Lekker! (yummy or taste good).  It's very popular in the Netherlands, and you can get it in vending machines: (check out Foodaholic's post) or even in McDonald's burger as a replacement of beef patty.  Every crunch made us very excited to get a taste of the ragout filling and is best eaten when hot.  Kroket (croquette) may not be unique for everyone, but the Dutch rave gave this simple food its big name.

Frikandel - if you think this is just a sausage with wrinkly casing, then you're right.  The difference of this from our usual sausage is that this is more sinful...deep fried until wrinkles comeout!  I'm not very sure which meat is used in this snack as I can't really determine the taste but rest assured, it's devilish in nature.  Hubby ordered it with his favorite curry sauce, the same sauce he gets in Erich's Wuerstelstand in Chinatown, SG. 

Bami Blok - fried noodles, mixed with curry and some veggy, are compacted tightly, breaded and deep fried.  This is one of my favorites.  It's a great way of reinventing asian noodles. We love eating it with a bit of mustard.

Friet met Stoofvlees - fat potato strips or what we're used to calling 'fries' but this one is kind of special, as it's swimming in beef stew.  Yes, we can skip mayonaise and ketchup!   What I like about this snack bar version, is they don't scrimp on the meat (check out those big chunks) and the thick sauce was heavenly.  It was so tasty that I ate more fries than hubby (which is not normal as i'm not a frites fanatic). Carbs-> check!  Protein -> check!  Fats-> check!  It was a full meal.   

my messy plating skills... :D

I think I would have these snacks more often to become a true Dutch...sounds like a good excuse, huh?

Price (in Euros)
Kroket = 1.40 per piece
Bami = 1.40 per piece
Frikandel = 1.40-1.80 per piece
Friet met Stoofvlees = 5 per serving (good for 2)

Cafeteria Cortina
(quite famous for take away)
Adriaen van Ostadelaan 64,
3583AK, Utrecht, Utrecht, NL


  1. ohh myy gosh! looks yummy!!! :-)

  2. Man.. I would choose these over Mcdonalds anyday! That Bami Blok and Frites met Stoofvlees looks really good!

  3. oh my gosh. everything looks so new and interesting and awesome! am getting jealous of your move over there :)

  4. Bessy, it is! I'm waiting for your business trip here...then we can commit gluttony! :)

    Daniel! Indeed, I'm taking the calories of these snacks with open arms...haha

    Dorothy, indeed, it's new to me! I'm sure you'll have those interesting stuff when you go to Canada :)

  5. i must agree with daniel that the Bami Blok and Frites met Stoofvlees look really interesting! perhaps i could try reinventing the latter at a coffee shop by purchasing fries from the western food stall and pouring some sauce from a plate of dry beef noodles from it :P

  6. Hey Jer Lin, that's a good idea! :) hahaha and believe me, your fries would taste better than having ketchup and mayo. Oh but, don't ruin it with thin, airy fries ok? :)

  7. Hey we miss you na, but glad to see the yummy adventures are still continuing :)

  8. you make me feel like flying over now. haha. The Friet met Stoofvlees looks really scrumptious! :D

  9. Hi Maj, of course, life wouldn't be complete without food! :) haha

    Hi Bella V, indeed...just looking at the picture, i wanted to have another serving of this...maybe this Sunday...*bliss*

  10. LOL i swear my eyes widened when i read ur description about the Frikandel! OMG! Really sinful! :P
    Moderation is the key.. :)

  11. Hi Charlene, I totally agree with you!

    Hi Phoebe, kisses from Holland!

  12. This post is super informative! Shall print this out and keep with my lonely planet :)

  13. Thanks PY! My tummy beated lonely planet. I can come up with 3 pages of the snacks i've eaten in just 1 night! :)