Friday, July 9, 2010

Ham & Cheese Croissant: home made

Ok, this is yet another cooking.  HT husband was the executive chef and I'm still undergoing some training to become his sous chef.

Sunday is our croissant day.  And hubby was smart to pick this up from the supermarkt (i didn't spelled it incorrectly, this is the dutch way of writing it and pronounced as 'supermarekt').

this is available in the same koel place as that of cheese and butter

A ready-made sheets of dough!  With perforation to make  equally size croissant!  Life can't be much easier...

HT hubby cut into the lines, and put enough sliced ham on top

added a slab of Gournay cheese to give that flavorful filling.

Gournay cheese, is named after a place in France and for this pastry we used 'Boursin' garlic and herbs (also available in Singapore).  A soft and creamy cheese worked its way with our brunch.

rolled like a pro...

ta dah!

In the oven it went and here's a bunch of them.

shapes were not-so-perfect but its all about the taste...we finished all of them in one go...

Soft crunchy dough with ham and oozing cheese...HT couple had several burps with satisfaction.

The croissants texture were not that flaky as how croissants are supposed to be.  But with 20 minutes of preparation, and the flakes i gathered after i've finished one, it was not bad at all.


  1. wow i wish we have ready made sweet dough in Singapore :)

  2. Hi too...i get hungry when i look at it.

    Hi PY, yeah...i haven't seen this ready made dough in SG...but easy to walk and get croissants in shops compared to here where every place closes down at 5 pm hahaha

  3. yum i love hamd and cheese crosaints! my UK host's mum made some for my breakfast once, except that she used frozen crossaints, which she sliced horizontally and sandwiched a slice of ham and cheese inside (:

  4. Hi Stargirl, that's nice of your UK host. :) Seemed like you're enjoying your exchanged programme. Saw those pics in facebook :)

  5. Oh my the crossaints look reaaaaally good! Ham and cheese is my favorite combi :D

  6. HT hubbie is now loving all your comments. Keep it he'll be more motivated...haha

  7. cool, so that's how u do it. been seeing these crossaints in the supermarket all the time but thought of trying them before

  8. Hi Cavalock! Which supermarket did you find this in SG? We don't really look for it when we were there...maybe you can share so others would know where to get it :)

  9. cant remember right now but i'll post it here when i see them again

  10. looks yummm!!! do you have simon meijjsen ard u? their ham cheese croissants are TDF!

  11. this is so cool! and looks yummy! I hope there's a ready made dough sheets here in Manila so I can make my own :-)

  12. Hi Phoebe, too bad simon meijssen is only available in Amsterdam. When i drop by, i'll take note of this. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    HI Bessy, check out Rustan's, they might have it...sometimes, we just take for granted these items in the grocery. :)